The Importance of Security in EUKhost: How to Keep Your Website Safe from Cyber Threats

When choosing a web hosting solution, an important factor one must consider is the security solutions a web host offers. This is because, today, with the advanced tools available, a cybercriminal can easily hack a website, irrespective if the website is an eCommerce business or a small online retail store.

The Importance of Security in EUKhost

As a user, you should place importance on security and safety measures along with the other web hosting features.

In this post, we will be reviewing a popular hosting provider, namely eUKhost. We will be looking at the security solutions they provide, a brief overview of their plans, their features, advantages and disadvantages, and whether you should consider their hosting and security solutions.

eUKhost overview

The web hosting company was established in 2001, in the UK. Since its incorporation the company has been growing steadily. Today, it is one of the most well-known hosting companies in the UK. They also have data centres all over the UK. This specific hosting company believes in carrying a customer-centric approach. They are currently hosting over 600,000 websites and have more than 35,000 customers all over the world. This specific hosting company believes in carrying a customer-centric approach.

eUKhost security

One thing to always remember is that you are safe from cybercriminals and other shady actions if your website is always protected.

At eUKhost, security is well-managed, with a focus on the ongoing protection of data and backup strategies.

Most web hosting services have weekly or daily backup schedules available to you, and the more advanced solutions allow you to make your own backup manually.

eUKhost offers a few additional security services so that a user has the ability to safeguard their website completely.

Here is a brief overview of the few solutions they offer.

  1. Remote backup

You can use this tool to make backups of your website’s data and it will be stored in a distant place. This guarantees the security of all of your data. eUKhost ensures that your data is encrypted always even while transferring it. Your data is safe even in the worst-case scenario because it is backed up to a completely distinct data centre.

  1. SSL certificates

A web browser and the server’s connection can be protected utilising SSL certificates. Any information that is sent between the two is encoded as a result, making it impossible for a third party to intercept it. With eUKhost, you get completely free installation and setup of the SSL certificate. You can improve your Google SEO rank. You get 24×7 support, unrestricted issues of your private key if you were ever to lose them, and a warranty of up to $ 1,500,000. The warranty is basically an assurance to safeguard you, if ever, your SSL certificate is broken.

  1. Advanced email security

Protecting your website is important. However, securing your email is equally crucial. If your email address is ever broken into, a cybercriminal has access to all your details. Your personal, financial, and sensitive information can be at a huge risk.

Luckily, eUKhost offers Mimecast an email security solution. With this tool, you will have the ability to filter every email. The tool will easily detect, block, and alert you, in case of, viruses, malware, and spam. Additionally, you will be alerted before sending any sensitive and private outgoing mail.

  1. Email spam filters

All incoming emails are thoroughly scanned by SpamExperts. This solution is effective and economical. It basically eliminates any mail containing a virus, phishing, or malware from your inbox. This plan is available as an add-on to every hosting package at eUKhost.

  1. Acronis cyber protect backup

Acronis cyber protect backup is basically a tool that comes with a modern disaster and backup recovery solution with ransomware protection built in the cloud. You can easily set up, encrypt, access, retrieve, and restore your data with this specific tool. Not only does it protect you from ransomware or virus, but it also enables you to recover your data swiftly due to the backup feature they offer.

  1. Immunify 360

Immunify 360 is a Linux-based security solution. It is a thorough and effective security program for web servers that offers real-time defence against a range of online dangers, such as malware, DDoS attacks, and viruses. It has a 6-layer protection level that keeps all threats aim at your Linux server at bay. Even though the system changes haven’t been made public yet, Imunify360 offers multiple tiers of protection against constantly changing threats.  Additionally, it does routine scans to find any vulnerabilities and fix them.

Plans of eUKhost

eUKhost practically covers all types of web hosting available. They offer cPanel, Business, WordPress Hosting, Windows, Reseller, VPS, Cloud, and dedicated server hosting solutions.

The plans they offer are laid out side by side, under each category, making it easy to compare the prices and features.

They follow a transparent pricing-policy system. It is also easy to scale through their plans. If at any time, you wish to move to a higher plan or another type of hosting solution, then it will be done in no time.

Their basic Windows plan starts at 3.26 pounds per month, and you get 5 GB SSD storage, 1 website, 1 MySQL database, unlimited emails, unmetered bandwidth, a free SSL certificate, and 24×7 support. Although the storage and database are restricted, they should be sufficient for a user with standard needs. However, it is better to choose the intermediate or advanced hosting plan.

Feature and Advantages of Choosing eUKhost

Apart from security, here are some of the features you will get if you choose a plan at eUKhost.

  • Choice of operating system
  • 24×7 customer support
  • 9% uptime
  • Free Migration
  • Daily backup
  • Free let’s encrypt SSL certificate
  • 30-day money-back guarantee
  • Unlimited domains
  • 1-click application installer tool
  • Good and decent performance and speed
  • Domain name registration
  • All-in-one SEO tool
  • Easy-to-use interface

Disadvantages of eUKhost

  • Customer support is available only in English
  • Shared Windows hosting offers only an SSL certificate as a security measure


An online store has the capability of immense growth however, it comes with risks like cyber-attacks. eUKhost is aware of that. They place huge importance on the security of their client’s websites. With the security solutions and the extra tools, they offer, you can rest assured that your website will always be protected.

This popular hosting company offers all types of hosting solutions. No matter what kind of web hosting plan you are looking for, you will find it at eUKhost, along with extra measures for security.

If you are expecting heavy traffic or your website carries a lot of sensitive information, you need to ensure your website is always secure. Perhaps, eUKhost could be the perfect solution for you.