[Solved] The Dial of the Old Ones Puzzle

Our quick guide can help you solve the dial of the old ones solution in a matter of minutes. Let’s go deeper. We will cross the plains and tundra, and no opponent can stop me. Until we encountered a complex problem, it needed more than a mighty sword to conquer.

Treasure Hunt – Dial of the Old One’s Puzzle

 Total War

Warhammer 2 has an impressive narrative battle. It allows players to explore, fight, expand and conquer in a fantasy world and is a real-time strategy video game with astonishing proportions. You can experience strategic warfare and civilization management in real-time. You can do so while commanding a large number of troops.

This incredible game is the sequel to the award-winning “Total War: Warhammer.” And they will release Total War: Warhammer 3  soon. It features five new playable races and two exciting battles. The name is Eye of the Maelstrom and Mortal Empire. Let us find dial of the old ones solution.

 Total War: Warhammer 2

A treasure hunt is a new event in the game. It allows the legendary lord to find treasure. Open a window with a complex puzzle. The player solves the mystery and wins a prize.  And the “Puzzle of Marking the Old Man” is one of those intriguing puzzles. You can carry Scavenger hunting on land, in ruins, or the sea. The hunt for destruction brings four different puzzles, and the dial of the ancients is one of them. Is this dial of the old ones solution clear?

The dial of the Old One’s Solution

 Basic puzzle

The picture below is a basic puzzle. We need to align the two turntables to solve the problem. You need to figure out in your mind which symbols they will point to. If the inner dial and center ring lines turn in the right direction, please note that you cannot turn the dial or hockey puck during the game. Would you mind doing it mentally? Yet, we have done this work in the image editor to guide you to the solution.

Basic puzzle

 Center Ball Alignment

The antique puzzle ball has a surface on the inner plate. You must mentally rotate it until the right side is up. That is, the eyes are up, and the stomach is down.

Aligning the Central Dial

 Align the middle ring

It is now possible to align the middle ring to all lines of the same color lineup. You have aligned the lines of the same color on the inner plate and the center ring, and you have oriented the middle circle on the old puzzle dial. There is space between the blue lines in the old puzzle quadrant. And, once turned, you will give you the correct answer. These lines connect them to the center and point outward to certain symbols.  The answer is a collection of these symbols pointed to by the blue line. Now that you understood how to solve the old riddle dial, get ready to hunt men!

 Align the middle ring

Hence, this is the dial of the old ones solution. So, which one of these solutions worked for you?