The Best Way to Teach Online

The Best Way to Teach Online

Schools, colleges, and educational institutions across the world have shifted to teaching online and a lot of them have said that they will continue teaching online even after the pandemic. This is majorly due to the ease and effortlessness that online education offers. Teaching online can be made super effective and efficient by keeping a few things in mind. Quite a lot of people search for the best way to teach online. This blog will help you understand the best way to teach online and will take you through the steps that you need to take when you teach online.

Best Way to Teach Online

The Best Way to Teach Online

The secret to teaching online effectively lies in selecting the best online teaching app. For instance, choosing a platform like Teachmint. With a host of features like live class recording, automated attendance, online tests & assignments, fee management system, real-time notifications, and more, it is undoubtedly the best online teaching app in India. Here are the things that you need to do to teach online:

1. Download the best online teaching app

Once you have chosen the app, download it. If you are using an app like Teachmint, you are at an advantage because it does not use up much space and can be downloaded easily. It is a free app and this acts as a huge advantage for teachers or tutors who are just starting out since they don’t have to invest much. The only setup cost would be for the internet and a decent device for conducting online classes. Since we are living in the digital era, these are things that most people would already have.

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2. Schedule A Proper Time Table

Create a timetable that best fits you and your students. If you have multiple batches, schedule the online classes accordingly. It is easy to schedule classes and create classrooms on Teachmint. Students are sent notifications and reminders before the live classes start and there is an option for live class recording so that students can watch it later as well.

3. Conduct Live Classes

One of the most important things that teachers should understand is that interaction and two-way communication is necessary to ensure efficiency in the classroom. Teachers can never be taken out of the equation. Recorded classes can act as study material but they won’t be as good as live classes. During live classes, there’s interaction and the students can clarify queries and doubts.

4. Conduct Activities

Activities and assessments are essential to keep online classrooms active and to keep students engaged. Share assignments and tests so that you get an understanding of where students are in terms of learning the concept. There are a lot of classroom activities that you can play to increase student interest.

5. Record Your Classes

As mentioned above, live classes definitely surpass recorded classes. However, recording your classes can give you so much more edge. Students who missed out on the live classes can watch the recorded session. It will also be super helpful during revisions and likewise.

6. Interact Using Online Whiteboard

Online whiteboards are a great way to interact with students. With Teachmint’s online whiteboard, teachers can insert images, texts, and shapes. They can also add new pages to the whiteboard and can save the whiteboard as pdf which will be reflected under the study materials tab. This way, teachers can save important problems that are discussed.

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Online teaching is a relatively new area for a lot of teachers and it is not a steep mountain that cannot be climbed. The foundation lies in a great online teaching app and the rest is up to the teacher. A good online teaching platform will give teachers the necessary breathing space so that they can focus on things that matter such as innovative teaching methods, activities, classroom management, and likewise. Choose the platform wisely and you are good to go.

Happy Teaching!

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