The Best Sudoku Games Available for Smartphone Download Today

One of those classic games that will have you glued to your screen for hours is Sudoku. As the player, you must enter numbers 1 to 9 in the appropriate rows, columns, and squares on a 9×9 grid. No number should appear more than once in a row, column, or square, according to the game’s rules.

Many Sudoku puzzles are available today that you can play when you have free time. While this is fantastic, choosing the proper one can be difficult and complicated. Thankfully, we got you covered. We talk about the top Daily Sudoku apps available for download right now on your tablet or smartphone. Keep reading this piece if you’ve been looking for the best Sudoku puzzles to download on your smartphone but aren’t sure which ones are worthwhile. These Sudoku apps include:


By a wide amount, by Easybrain is the most-played Sudoku game on the list. Numerous puzzles, daily tasks, frequent Sudoku challenges, a hint system, a number highlight tool, extra undos, and six difficulty levels are some of the great features of this Sudoku puzzle. The features and user interface of the game follow traditional design principles. In any case, most players find this to be the pinnacle of Sudoku. You can get this for free if you have Google Play Pass.

2. Andoku Sudoku 3

Some people think Andoku Sudoku 3 is one of the best Sudoku apps overall since it is the best offline Sudoku app for Android. It features approximately 20,000 puzzles, six unique Sudoku styles, and eight difficulty levels. Additionally, autosave capabilities, compatibility with pencil marks, and automatic error detection are included.

One of the best Android Sudoku games is, without a doubt, the Andoku Sudoku 3. It provides tutorials that show different approaches to solving puzzles. The tutorials use several game settings to provide step-by-step explanations of the puzzle-solving strategies. There are no ads in the premium edition. The free version, however, does. Users of Google Play Pass can download this app without incurring any charges.

3. Sudoku by Branium Studios

Playing digital Daily Sudoku puzzles is really simple and accessible with this Sudoku from Branium. This app supports both iOS and Android. The game has unlimited undo and redos, a hint button, auto-error checking, auto-notes, and five different difficulty levels. The tips in the app are helpful since they instruct you on how to play Sudoku rather than just pointing you in the direction of the right solution. Additionally, you may choose from various themes, two-grid layouts, grid typefaces for light and dark grids, and portrait and landscape orientations. The best players in the world are featured on leaderboards, and more difficult game options are also available.

4. Enjoy Sudoku

Enjoy Sudoku is also another incredible Sudoku app. It appears not to be that much compared to those that have been mentioned. However, this is one of the truly remarkable ones. The game includes training for complex abilities like X-Wing, sushi, and coloring, as well as multiple difficulty settings and the option to add games by scanning them from the local newspaper. There is also a hint and solver system if tasks are too difficult. It’s very upsetting that there haven’t been any updates since 2015. If you decide to buy it, test it first, as it could not work effectively on the most recent Android releases.

5. Sudoku by

Four different difficulty levels, a simple layout, and automatic saving after the app is closed are all characteristics of this Sudoku app from Unlike other apps, it offers three input choices, allowing you to choose the most natural way to play, such as entering the number or cell first. You can also view instructions, take notes, and undo unlimited activities. Additionally, you can use the app to input your results, which will then be added to a scoreboard online. Real-time tournaments are held periodically so you can compete with other gamers.

6. Supper Sudoku

Another excellent Sudoku that has to be included on this list is Super Sudoku. It has several respectable functionalities and features. For instance, you can play it offline, choose your own color scheme, and use player statistics to monitor your progress. There are also five different degrees of difficulty, a hint system, and several customizing possibilities. It is relatively new, and the numbers can occasionally be challenging to hit if you are not paying attention. Apart from that, this is a good Sudoku game that is free with ads too.

7. Sudoku Free by AI Factory

The Sudoku app for Android from AI Factory offers 1,500 puzzles with five difficulty settings, making it an appealingly condensed variation of the classic puzzle game. Playing the game is simple because of the layout’s clarity and usability and the availability of optional clues and hints. You should be able to find a playing style that suits your preferences since there are two themes, two typefaces, and two input possibilities to choose from. Another feature worth noticing is the statistics tracking for each stage, which lets you assess your performance in relation to other players.

8. Sudoku by PeopleFun

With the addition of new features, this Sudoku app gets the basics of the game just right. There is also a clever points system that forces you to play quickly in order to accumulate more points. Your final score is determined by multiplying the value of each number by a number that gets less with time. Online leaderboards are another tool that lets you assess your performance in relation to the greatest players. Additionally, the app limits your ability to win a game to solving puzzles with three or fewer mistakes, so if you want to move forward, you must pay close attention. There are many different difficulty levels and tens of thousands of different puzzles to solve.