Stop Avast browser from opening on startup | Fixed

Avast is one of the good web browsers when it comes to windows. But it has also been observed that many users do not like using the same. Also, some users have been reporting unnecessary Avast browser launches during the startup. In this article, we will be solving the same issue.

Note: “GeekyBytes team is not responsible for any damage caused to the system.”

Some common fixes to the problem

1. Checking and disabling from startup applications

  • Open Task Manager by pressing Ctrl + Shift + Esc.
  • Move to the Startup tab.
  • After that, find Avast browser and select Disable.

After that, restart the system to check if the browser still launches.

2. Uninstalling the Avast browser

  • Open the Settings app by pressing Windows + I.
  • Move to Apps.
  • Choose Avast browser and select Uninstall.

Follow the steps to complete the installation.

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