Stellar Offers Fast and Secure Remote Data Recovery Service

[Summary]: This blog explains about Remote Data Recovery service offered by Stellar. This service helps you recover your data, without shipping your device to the data recovery center. It discusses the advantages of this online service, especially in the current times of Coronavirus outbreak. It also tells how you can avail this service.

Stellar, a data care expert, offers emergency data recovery service‘Remote Data Recovery’ for individuals and businesses. Stellar’s remote data recovery service comes handy at a time when we’re locked down and cannot go out due to Coronavirus outbreak. It’s an online data recovery service which can be availed to fulfill urgent data recovery needs in such tough times.

About Stellar’s Remote Data Recovery Services

This service is particularly useful in situations when you lose data and want to recover it urgently, but couldn’t submit the storage media to the data recovery center.

You can register a request for Stellar Remote Data Recovery service. Stellar’s data recovery experts will contact you after receiving your query. After collecting the required information they will do the analysis first and seek your permission to remotely access your storage device connected to your system, and performs.

[NOTE]: As the remote recovery of data is performed online without physically accessing the storage device, this service can be used to recover data in case of data deletion, formatting, virus infection, etc. If your drive is physically crashed, remote data recovery service wouldn’t help.

Significance of Remote Data Recovery Service

Stellar’s Remote Data Recovery is a fast, easy, and secure way of recovering data from the convenience of your home or office.

Below are some benefits of Stellar Remote Data Recovery service:

  • Media shipment/Device is not required, which saves time and effort.
  • Guarantee of data security as Stellar follows stringent data privacy policy and performs all data recovery tasks on your system.
  • Stellar data recovery experts access only the required volumes and folders, which assures data privacy.
  • The expert who recovers your data keeps you informed about every stage of remote recovery service.
  • The data recovery process takes place in your presence which assures transparency and data privacy. 

How to avail Stellar’s Remote Data Recovery Service?

[NOTE]: You need to have a broadband connection and admin access rights on your computer. This helps Stellar data recovery expert to access your system remotely and recover the data.

If you want to avail this service, you have to register your request for Remote Data Recovery Service. After the request is received by Stellar team, you will get a call for further process.

Cost of Remote Data Recovery Service

Every data loss situation is unique. For instance, it could be a simple case of data deletion, or a complex case of drive corruption. Similarly, the affected drive can be of different type, make, and size.

Thus, the cost of remote data recovery service varies and can be ascertained after the analysis of the drive. Their experts first analyze the drive once they get access to it with your permission.

After analysis, they get to know the following:

  • The complexity of data loss situation.
  • Capacity makes, and model of the drive.

These are the major factors that are considered while ascertaining the actual cost of recovery.

[NOTE]: Data recovery charges will not be levied until you agree to the quotation, and permit Stellar Data Recovery to carry out the remote data recovery process.

If you want to recover lost, deleted, or inaccessible data urgently, then contact Stellar for Remote Data Recovery service. Stellar (ISO 27001 & ISO 9001) is one of the best data recovery service providers worldwide. Stellar has been in data recovery industry for over 26 years and have served millions of customers worldwide. Further, at Stellar, data recovery is possible regardless of the type and extent of damage of the drive.

If you’re looking for online data recovery service, dial the toll-free number 1800-102-3232.