Some Of The Best Online Data Science Courses For You

Data science is a branch which deals with systems that are used to extract interesting patterns, insights and knowledge from huge amounts of data. With every company gathering data from their customers, data science has slowly become one of the most preferred professions today for people hailing from a science or engineering background because it offers good salary package and job profiles.

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Some data science prerequisites:

Before landing a dream job in data science course in bangalore, an interested person has to do a course in data science. Firstly, to do a course in data science, a person must have a bachelor’s degree in CS, IT or science courses like mathematics or physics or any relevant field. Besides this, a strong base in statistics, probability, algebra is required. Technical skills are also important to get a hang of data science programming. Languages like R and Python are widely used in data science programming and knowing about Hadoop platform, SQL database, artificial intelligence, and machine learning also proves to be highly beneficial

Best online courses:

No matter how much knowledge a person has, a certificate is essential to give a kind of weightage and validation to that knowledge. So, we have shortlisted some of the best courses which are available online. You can select a course based on your interests and domain.

Data science specialization:

This course is provided by Coursera through John Hopkins university. This course is not completely free of cost. A certain amount of money is charged for your certificate. This course has 10 sections which comprise of cluster analysis, statistical programming in R, Natural language processing etc.

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Data science fundamentals:

This course is provided by IBM. This course teaches you about the applications of data science, the usage of open source tools and also some basic programming in the R language. This course can go up to 20 hours or more depending on the speed of the student.

Data science essentials:

Data science essentials is a course provided by Microsoft and it is a part of the professional certificate program in data science. Whilst starting with the course, the students are expected to have a basic statistical and coding knowledge. This course aims to cover topics like data exploration, statistics, visualization and some basics of machine learning. Here too, a certain amount of money would be paid for certification.

Data driven decision making:

Again, a Coursera course, provided by PwC. It focuses more on business applications and the tools and techniques adopted by businesses to tackle various challenges. The course is estimated to be completed in 4 weeks.

Open source data science masters:

It is a collection of open source material and resource, freely available on the internet. It covers the subjects of natural language processing, Hadoop etc. This course calls for the basics of algebra and statistics. But because of this course being open source, no certificates are provided.

There are a variety of courses available online for students willing to learn data science. The courses listed above are just a fragment of the vast ocean of knowledge.

Resource box:

Data science has become such a rage amongst the engineering community that most of them are trying to get certification courses for data science. We are suggesting data science training in bangalore, which will be of great help to you.

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