Sizes of Coax Cables Use for TV Aerial Connections

There are several sizes of coax cables are using in the connection or installation of the tv aerial satellites. In this article we will discuss the different sizes of coax cables used for FM radios, tv aerial connections and satellite setup. Remember the size of the cable matters a lot in the tv aerial installation, because choosing the wrong one can affect the signal strength of your connection. Let’s take a look on different sizes coax cables.

sizes of Coax Cable Used for TV Aerial Connection

65 Cable or 0.65 mm Coax Cable

The smallest size in all coax cables is 0.65 mm cable. It is usually used in the connection of the shotgun satellite cable for the tv aerial satellites, sky+, Sky Q, Freesat+ and other PVR satellites. It is the smallest size cable so it can only be used with the small length cables. It usually uses the 5dB on the extent of every 10m.

100 Type cable or 1mm Coax Cable

The most common and famous coax is 100 type cable which is usually used in the tv aerial installation. It is usually used in the UK for the satellite and TV aerial connection. This cable is designed in such a way it can create connection between tv aerial and TV wall plates. At the highest frequency the 100 type cable can lose around 3dB on every 10m. So you can say it is more efficient than the 0.65 mm cable.

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125 Type cable or 1.25 mm Coax Cable

The 1.25 mm coax cable is usually used in the communal TV system. It is the perfect solution for keeping the strength of the signals for long in the lengthy cables. The 1.25 mm cable is usually lost 0.25 dB on every 10m height. So It is the most efficient cable in the list.

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