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Should you switch to an iPhone?

Any self-respecting geek and tech enthusiast will probably immediately scoff at this question. Those with a particular fondness for a certain brand don’t often get into many situations where they’d even consider switching from one side to the other.

Knowledgeable Android enthusiasts will almost never look at the iOS with all its limitations and their lagging behind Android’s development. On the other hand, Apple fans usually don’t even look at Android smartphones and, for them, there’s no better device than an iPhone. Naturally, this resulted in an endless war being waged both in public and all over the internet with both sides firmly holding their ground as to why their opinion is the only valid one.

On a more serious note, as with everything in life, there are pros and cons to both sides. On top of that, as time goes on and technology keeps advancing, the differences between different types of smartphones are becoming blurred.

Of course, there will always be a distinction between a thousand dollars phone and a device you can get for a hundred bucks but, let’s face it, no average user will ever go for something extraordinarily expensive unless it brings them money in return. That being said, as much as both sides would hate to admit, there both Android smartphones and iPhone lineup come with their own benefits.

For starters, both can be used to have fun while playing the JerkDolls porn game. And not just that, but there are a ton of similar apps that perfectly fit both platforms. If you’ve had the chance to use both devices to their full extents, and you know that ordinary folk won’t really care about all the tiny differences, then you surely know everything boils down to personal taste.

However, there are some limitations when it comes to choosing your favorite gadget. The first one that many think about is the budget. For a long time, the iPhone has been the premium option and one of the most expensive. One of the strongest arguments for the Android side was that you can get an equally powerful device for less than a price.

In recent times, though, Apple came out with a new iPhone SE. A budged version that comes with the latest processor is nothing to joke about and shows their dedication to gain even more customers. The phone was a hit and truly represents one of the reasons why you might want to switch. This cheaper iPhone is still just as powerful and is perfect for those incest porn games.

Then, there’s the matter of security. Unless you’re an actual security expert, you probably don’t know all the different ways smartphones can be used to steal your information, and Apple tries their best to keep that to a minimum. And not just that but, considering there is just a select number of iPhones, every app for it will be more polished than those going for thousands of Android smartphones.

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