Protect Advanced Technology With A Green Egg Cover Accessories To Enhance Functionality

You may be aware of the green egg dome cover as well as its high rating and low price, including shipping. However, you may not be knowing about the technology that makes this cover highly popular. Made from premium quality material, these covers and weatherproof and will keep your Egg looking new.

  • These custom covers are heavy-duty, attractive and are designed perfectly to stand the elements for years to come.
  • The high-quality fabric does not fade due to sunlight and will offer exceptional protection and durability even in extreme temperatures.

Each of these covers comes with useful features like:

  • Coordinated piping
  • Easy off and on features
  • A convenient handle as well as
  • A Velcro tab closure that provides an additional layer of protection.

The best part of a green egg cover is that it has in-built ventilation that prevents condensation inside the cover or moisture buildup to prevent rusting.

The patented technology

It is the advanced technology and design that makes these covers work so efficiently. Here are some useful features on it.

  • The cap: It comes in conjunction with a draft door and a regulator that provides more precise temperature control, longer duration and greater burn efficiency. It is rust and weatherproof and have a faster temperature adjustment response time. This means that it can accommodate a higher range of sustained temperature settings.
  • The dome: Hand-crafted from pure and NSF certified food-safe ceramic. It reflects the heat onto the cooking surface due to its design. Therefore, you will not need to rotate the food while cooking.
  • The thermometer: This is weatherproof and updated to have a larger face for easy reading. It provides reading both in Celsius and Fahrenheit measurements ranging between 100C and 400C with high response time and accuracy.
  • The hinge system: This Quadra-Link system offers stability and safety. The spring-loading mechanism makes it effortless to lift and prevents slamming it shut. Most importantly, it sits securely on the base because the anodized and powder-coated steel alloy material does not expand quickly when heated.
  • The gasket: This high-temperature gasket will seal the lid air-tight to maximize both charcoal and temperature efficiency.
  • The base: This is made from insulated ceramic and provides three-fold benefits like heat insulation, temperature precision, and safety.
  • The door: This sliding draft door comes with a spark protection screen. It helps to control inbound airflow.
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These covers come in extensive come in an extensive range that will fit on any cooking surface.

Other accessories to look for

Off the records, you can take a look at other different accessories apart from the cover that will need for your summer cook-off. These are:

  • Egg Genius, for controlling temperature remotely through your smartphone or computer
  • Grid Cleaner, for easy cleaning of your cooking grid.
  • Meat Claws, for secure and safe handling and shredding of large pieces of meat.
  • Ash Tool, to remove the ash deposited at the bottom and more.

All these will surely help you while cooking, but the green egg cover will protect your grill when you are not cooking, and that is very important.

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