Popular Variants of Casino Games Explained

Popular Variants of Casino Games Explained

You might have notice that gambling has started to get a little bit more… complicated. It used to be so simple – you had Roulette, Blackjack, Slots, Poker… all of the classics, and that was that. However, in 2021 we are being treated to a far larger selection of games, many of them existing as new variants of classic games at cozino.com.

Don’t look at this change as bad thing – it’s great, and we’re going to be explaining why in this article. Don’t take our word for it – read on to find out about the most popular variants of casino games.

Popular Variants of Casino Games

Country-specific Casino Game variants

Variants of casino games essentially describes when you are playing a classic casino game such as Blackjack, where some of the rules have been changes to offer a slightly different take on an original game. Most of the rules will be the same, but with some exceptions. There are three main types of casino game variants:

–          Country-specific Variants

–          Additional Rules Variants

–          Game format Variants

The most common example of variants are those found when a game is played across several different countries. A classic example of this is bingo – if you’re a bingo fan like us, you’ve probably heard of 90 Ball Bingo – this is simply what we call ‘bingo’ in the UK. However, if you were playing in the USA, you’re more likely to play 75 Ball Bingo. There’s not a huge difference, with this particular example revolving around the amount of balls and grid-spaces used.

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Additional Rules and Alternative Game Formats

Other casino game variants can rely on rule changes to offer an alternative take to a well-known classic. A perfect example of this is Blackjack Switch. Almost all of the rules of standard Blackjack apply, with the exception of one pretty key thing – the player doesn’t only have one deck, but two! This gives them the option to choose between their decks at any given moment, essentially playing two games of Blackjack at the same time! As you can imagine, small rule changes such as this can result in a vastly different and potentially interesting new variant, and we for one encourage it! It’s also worth mentioning that casino game variants may not be related to the rules of a game, but instead to it’s presentation. For example, if you’re playing a casino game online, you might find the following game format variants:

–          Live HD Casino Game Variant

–          Multi-Angle Live Variant

–          Private Game Variant…

Variants: Bringing new Life to Classic Games

Overall, we are huge fans of classic casino game variants. They allow us to experience our favourite games from a slightly different perspective, whether that might be a change in the rules, or a technological innovation. Either way, it’s things like this that really breath new life into the gambling industry and keep things feeling as fresh as they do. Here’s to another year of exciting casino game variants!

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