Penetration Testing And Certification | All You Need To Know

Penetration Testing also is known as Ethical Hacking in the world, and millions of people are aware of the field. Of course, the masses heard about it, but they don’t seem to dig deep into the field. Lack of awareness is one of the major reasons, why the masses do not seem to know about it.

What is Penetration Testing?

Ethical Hacking is a legal form of hacking, where the developers of the software, program, and panels handed over to the Penetration Testers. The testers try every known or unknown possible way to dig deeper into the software or product and breach the security. The Ethical Hackers find the loopholes in the program or product and inform the official developers about it. The testers are hired to prevent any security breach and hackers invasion once the product or program released in the market.

In short, Penetration Testing job is an essential field for every company, developers, and manufacturers. Before you install registered software on your computer, they have gone through the Ethical Hackers to close all loopholes.

Where to learn Ethical Hacking and Get Certified?

A simple Google search can find millions of search results on institutes and places to learn about it. However, there are so many educational institutes that promise to teach the students, but they cannot deliver it.

Alpine Security is an institute that focuses on teaching Ethical Hacking or Penetrating Testing courses to the students. The teaching services are available online and offline as well, and it does provide flexible timings for working professionals.

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So, how it works?

Phase 1: Learn, Understand and Deliver

Students have to enroll for the course from the head office by calling the authorities. Every learning individual has to choose from 10+ courses on Penetrating Testing. Each course has a different set of timeline and learning period and depending on it; you have to give the final test. Cybersecurity Certification Training has timing lengths like eight hours and dates are given to the students. You can take the example tests to prepare for the finals, and the management will assist in the process.

Phase 2: Pre-Exams / Retake Before Exam

Various pre-finals held by the management, where the teachers craft the paper to improve the overall experience. The final paper might surprise the students in the first place, so the management crafts the paper to beat the final examination papers. In short, the chances of failing decreases by up to 50%, and it leads the students to victory.

Now, you are ready to take on the final examinations and get a placement in a firm.

Phase 3: Certification Exam Pass Guarantee

Even though the win rate is higher with Alpine Security, you cannot deny that there is always one weak spot among the students. The worst case scenario is failing in the final examinations and then what’s next?

Many people have poured a lot of money into the courses, and they might feel lost, depressed and fall. In such cases, Alpine Security does not give up on the failed candidates, and they move on the PLAN B.

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Retake After Exam: Yes, there is a process for failed students, so the final exams do not haunt them again and again. In this process, the candidate has the option to retake the same exam as many times he or she wants. During the process, candidates get a special one-hour session per individual to learn weak areas.

Discounted Retake Voucher: Alpine Security offering 15% discounts on all CompTIA and EX-Council Certification Exams, so the candidates do not have fear about the paying extra examination fee.

Do we have to pay for re-training camp?

It’s a big question for failed students that do they have to pay for the next sitting?

Answer: NO!

Alpine Security created to assist the candidates in reaching the desired goals within a period and passing the certification exam. If the student does not pass the certification exam, they can come back for the next offering of the certification boot camp for free of fee.


Penetrating Certification is an advanced course and examination, which takes a smart & high IQ to finish it. Alpine Security does not give up on the students, so should you. Let us know what do you think about the Alpine Security services and ethical hacking in the comment section below.

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