My Experience as a Drone Flyer

My Experience as a Drone Flyer

In the past, drones were only available to members of the military. They were an innovative and expensive piece of technological hardware. In recent years they have become available to the public for relatively cheap prices. I love flying my drone in order to take pictures of both myself and the natural landscape. Drone flying is a very rewarding hobby which I encourage everyone to try out. My experience of this activity has given me a useful insight into how to utilize drones effectively. I hope it will help readers to better understand if drone flying is right for them.

Drone Flyer

They Are Perfect For Social Media Snaps

I have noticed that a lot of people use drones in order to take pictures of themselves from above. They then upload these to social media apps such as Instagram and Facebook. These images can impress followers and set the person apart from others in their social circle. A drone can take a picture that once was only possible with a plane or helicopter. If social media influencers want to create a great looking post then a drone could be a very useful tool. They are also perfect for regular people to take vacation photos.

They Can Be Used For Low Budget Filmmaking

The recent affordability of equipment has also been important for amateur filmmakers. HD cameras are cheap enough for practically anyone to be able to own one. When attached to a drone it gives people the opportunity to create Hollywood style crane shots. A drone will help to make a low budget movie seem more professional. They are even utilized by mainstream film studios. It is a good idea to try a drone out and then come up with unique ways to film with it. In fact, there are even competitions that reward people for doing this. Once the various pieces of footage has been shot, these same amateur drone flyers could look to flex their video editing skills to create a short movie or video feature. For example, they might wish to shoot several recordings of a waterfall and then try to edit to frames and audio by looking into the audio adjustment layer Premiere Pro and other video editing software options can offer. Some of the uses of this can be magnificent, for example, having the waterfall’s audio carry on over into different frames even when it’s not the focal point of the video. After all, editing can be the factor that takes a low-budget film or scene and makes it seem a lot more professionally made. For many people these are just hobbies, but video shooting and editing go hand-in-hand for the amateur creator.

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I Always Check The Weather Before Flying

One of the reasons why a drone is so aerodynamic is that it is quite lightweight. This can make it vulnerable to strong winds. There is always a danger of losing control of the drone. Cheaper models may not be very waterproof. The easiest way to damage a drone is getting it caught in bad weather. Therefore I always make sure that wind and rain is not forecast for when I take my drone out flying. The perfect conditions for this activity are clear skies and no precipitation.

I Ensure I Do Not Break Any Laws

When drones were first introduced to the general public there were very little laws and regulations regarding flying them. However, this is beginning to change. Some areas require people to get drone licenses. There are even a number of regions that ban the use of drones outright. It is the responsibility of drone owners like me to know the laws where I live. That ensures that I do not inadvertently break any. It is a good idea to learn these before purchasing a drone as some regulations can be particularly prohibitive.

I Keep An Eye On Upcoming Drone News

Since rules regarding drones can change often I like to read any news stories about them. I also stay up to date on other articles regarding drones. This includes recent technological developments and increases in sales. Each year I upgrade to a newer drone model. I do as much research as I can before making a purchase. This includes reading drone magazines to understand the pros and cons of the latest hardware releases. People who want to keep an eye on upcoming drone news can subscribe to email newsletters.

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I Use Drone Flying As A Social Activity

Some people prefer to engage in drone flying as a solo activity for many reasons, whether this be for racing, video creation, simple sightseeing from different perspectives, and a lot more. There is certainly nothing wrong with doing so as it is a great way to escape from the stresses of the world. However, I personally believe that drone flying is most rewarding when done with a group of friends. It allows me to have a sense of comradery with fellow hobbyists. It is also ideal for anyone who wants to get expert advice. When flying as a group it is important that each member gets their own designated air space to avoid crashes.

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