Movavi Video Converter: Manage and Convert Video Formats Effectively

Handling videos in different formats can be difficult, especially as some of your devices may only be compatible with certain formats. Instead of trying to find videos that are the right format or software that can be used to play those formats specifically – if you can convert your videos you will be able to switch them to the format that you need.

Essentially that is what you’ll be able to do with Movavi Video Converter: Convert videos between formats. While there are lots of other video converters out there however, it is unique in several ways.

“Why Movavi Video Converter?”

To put it simply, Movavi Video Converter is hands down one of the most user-friendly video converters you’re likely to ever encounter. The simple and clean design of its user interface will let you easily familiarize yourself with its capabilities – and all you need to do to start converting a video is add it, pick the format that you want, and click on the button.

For a closer look at each of the steps, you can go to

In order to ensure you’re able to effectively convert your video to the right format, Movavi Video Converter has a library consisting of hundreds of built-in presets for various devices and platforms. If you select one of these presets it will automatically use the best possible video format and settings for that device.

Suffice to say you should be able to manage your video formats and convert them as required without any hassle at all.

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Benefits and Features

Although it is a video converter first and foremost, the fact of the matter is that Movavi Video Converter contains a lot of features and can provide numerous other benefits too. With it you can expect to:

  • Convert audio and image files between different formats.
  • Cross-convert across media types to create animated GIFs from videos, extract audio tracks from videos, grab stills, and so on.
  • Compress video file sizes by manually reducing the bitrate or setting the desired file size and having the software automatically adjust the bitrate.
  • Resize the frame of videos by a percentage, to certain dimensions, or to fit into a frame using various methods.
  • Edit videos to improve their quality, rotate and crop, add captions, stabilize shaky video footage, and more.
  • Adjust the sound levels of videos.


Based on its features you should be able to see that Movavi Video Converter can actually help you to manage all your media files – and not your videos alone. While you may not require the use of all its tools right now, having the option to use them on your videos isn’t going to hurt.

In the meantime Movavi Video Converter will provide you with exactly what you need: A simple, easy, and effective way to convert videos to the right format for any device or platform. If you try it out, your days of struggling with incompatible videos or trying to find specialized media players will be over.

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