Mobile app development: Top Hacks and Tools for developers in 2020

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With over 2 million apps on the App Store and approximately 2.7 million apps on the Play Store, it is safe to say that mobile app development is on an exponential rise. With the sea of apps to choose from, getting good quality apps have become tougher than ever. Developers are always on the lookout for ways to improve the entire development process. The following list includes tools that make coding and developing an app relatively convenient, without compromising on the final quality and efficiency of the app.

Here are some tools and hacks for developers to look out for in 2020 that will boost productivity.

Top Tools for Developers

  • Xamarin

This is, by far, one of the most commonly used cross-platform tools used by developers. It provides delivery of the app, testing, and monitoring to ensure a seamless experience throughout the development process. Xamarin is mainly used for writing code in Ruby and C# and has added features such as sharing of code that make this a joy to work with.

  • Appcelerator

It is a tool that helps simplify the app development process by allowing for automated testing. It helps detect bugs and crashes and automatically adjusts the app to solve the issues. One of the main features of the Appcelerator is the hyperloop which is one of the best APIs available.

  • PhoneGap

This is an open-source tool that is based on Apache Cordova. It is a cloud-based tool that helps translate code from JavaScript, HTML5, and CSS. It has amazing support and is a joy to work with while building cross-platform applications for the App Store. It can be used on various platforms which makes it very versatile.

  • Qt
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This is another cross-platform development tool that checks the app’s performance on different platforms. It helps improve quality while ensuring the UI is fluid and the UX is pleasing and aesthetic. The key feature is that it automatically makes the changes across all platforms. The tool codes in C++ and allows for exporting the app to different platforms.

  • Corona

Corona is a cross-platform tool for developers looking to build games. The tool allows developers to update the code, save necessary changes, and get an immediate preview of the change within the app that reflects in real devices. It is mainly used for developing games in 2D and helps boost graphics and general performance of the app.

  • Unity 3D

It is another tool that is popular among game developers that boosts graphics performance. The tool allows for exporting games to other platforms. It allows developers to keep track of analytics, and share apps on social networking sites. Considering its global coverage, it has a well-established community with highly skilled developers looking to help anyone in need.

Top Hacks to employ within the development process

  • Employing AI to make apps smarter

AI has gone past being just a fad and has taken over many industries in more ways than one. Integrating artificial intelligence into apps makes them smarter and also efficient. Google’s Duplex has revolutionized virtual assistants by enabling automated calls on your behalf to book appointments etc. with the help of AI. App development companies need to focus on concepts like AI-enabled chips, AIOps, and automated machine learning and strive to include this in their mobile app development process.

  • IoT integration into apps
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Another major upgrade is IoT integration with apps. Everything is connected to the internet nowadays and users love it when their apps can interact with their surroundings and devices around them. IoT allows just that and developers can make use of IoT tools to develop apps that connect with appliances and devices around the house/office. Platforms that support this include Android Udibots, Xively, and Thingworx.

  • Predictive analytics

This involves analyzing user data relating to the app and elevating the entire user experience with the help of this data. Predictive analytics utilizes machine learning, AI, statistics and most importantly data mining to bring about models that reflect the current and future situation concerning the user and the app. This serves as positive feedback for developers to bring about positive updates that improve the UI and UX for the user through the app.

  • Employing cloud-based systems

Although relatively older, the concept of connecting apps with cloud-based systems is forever evolving and becoming more widespread with each passing year. Although this might increase the app development cost, the pros outweigh the cons and prove negligible in the long run. Concepts to look forward to for developers include quantum computing, hybrid cloud solutions, and the general evolution of cloud services.

  • Android Instant Apps

This was introduced by Google in 2016 to make app development and usage easier for both developers and users. Instant apps function like websites but are native apps and have endless functionality. Some of the benefits include excellent UI, device memory isn’t used, and the app is much smaller in size.

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Notably, Android Studio allows developers to create modular apps where users can only use certain portions of the app depending on requirement and necessity.

  • Enhancing security

With widespread app development also comes the risk of widespread virtual attacks in the form of viruses, malware, and Trojans. Cybersecurity has seen an exponential rise in recent years with the introduction of various payment methods being offered by different apps and services. Apple took its first step of nipping security breaches in the bud by transitioning from Objective-C to Swift to ensure security even at the initial stages of the app development process.


Developers need to make their apps visible to users without employing unethical methods. The only method is to employ certain trusted tools that improve the efficiency of the app and make the entire user experience a fluid and seamless process. These tools and hacks have been hand-picked for developers, and are tried and tested methods. Employing these tools will let developers create an app that not just solves a user problem, but also does this efficiently.

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