Maximizing Your Video Content Reach to Your Audience

When we think about SEO, the first thing that comes to mind is Google. There are also other popular ones like Yahoo, Bing, Baidu depending on what is your target location. However, one more search engine is there and extremely popular is YouTube. This is one platform that optimizes your marketing efforts like none other.  When it comes to all these platforms, one can see various strategies using search engines for content optimization.

Search Engine Based Strategies

  1. SEO Optimization- it helps to boost business visibility with search engine appealing content.
  2. Search Engine Marketing- it is a paid Internet marketing strategy to increase the Search Engine Result Page (SERP) visibility. There is also another way to increase visibility in an organic way and that is when Content creators buy YouTube shares from service providers for a fee.
  3. Local Search Marketing- this strategy boosts the presence of your business in local web space with techniques like nearby suggestions of search engines.

Why YouTube?

The question asked is why YouTube is the social media platform for marketing your content. YouTube is the second most visited website on the internet today and this means that it is the ideal platform for digital marketing. Realizing your potential would mean access to millions of viewers every day, at a fraction of the cost of conventional advertising in print media and Outdoor Billboards.  Having a website and a YouTube channel is now considered an intrinsic part of your business infrastructure. Promotional videos on your YouTube channel along with other helpful content and sharing on your website boost online presence and attract potential customers from the audience.

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This platform offers plenty of opportunities for those who would like their business to attract more attention, integrate with their other social media accounts and company’s website, build brand loyalty among the audience, and with more views, likes, and subscriptions, moving up the ranking with the help of SEO.

Optimize the content

Creating consistent quality content helps the search engines to fetch it and rank higher up.  As mentioned above, sharing YouTube video content on websites by embedding it helps in an organic increase in viewership.  Embedding does not affect or improve your rankings but it helps to increase viewers count and duration on the page. Keywords also play a pivotal role in searching for content. This aids in searching for content as per the viewer’s requirement.

Factors which affect the ranking

Viewers retention is one of the main factors which contributes to the ranking on YouTube. The definition of retention here is how long a viewer stays and watches the video before they exit. Taking the services from digital marketing experts such as YoutubeStorm, one can take advantage of the metrics required for improvement. A typical retention report analyzes the following metrics for ranking

  1. The channel average view duration of all its videos.
  2. Top videos as per the viewed duration.
  3. Specific videos with different time frame data help in understanding audience taste.
  4. Comparing similar videos from YouTube and analysing audience retention for those videos.

By analyzing these data, one can decide on recycling the topmost videos or make more content on similar lines. Retention data when compared to the competition will help to improve content for future videos.

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