How to Track Your Boyfriend’s Cell Phone Without Him Knowing?

Nothing changes under the sun, and human relationships are not an exception. “Where’s my boyfriend?” is the #1 question many girls ask should their loved one leave the house for a couple of hours. Well, questions stay the same, but there are new ways to answer them.

Free or Paid Cell Phone Tracker Apps

There are a bunch of applications nowadays to find boyfriend’s location. The modern market offers both paid and free options so that you can flex depending on your needs and financial opportunities. If you decide to track your boyfriend by phone number for free, you should realize that such applications often offer fewer features and limited functionality. On the other hand, paid phone monitoring apps often have a much wider area of use, but the prices can bite. But… Don’t you think that true love and strong relationships are priceless?

List of Top Rated Apps for Tracking Your Boyfriend’s Phone Without His Knowledge

Here, we are offering the top 10 applications to spy on your boyfriend – you choose what you like the most!


uMobix is one of the most famous cell phone trackers on the market. It offers all the standard tracker features at a reasonable price – $49.99 per month. Moreover, it might be helpful not only if you need to track your boyfriend’s location. It is widely used as a parental control means, a handy tool for supervising employees’ work, and a tracker for spouses. 


  • GPS tracker and location tracking by phone number;
  • messengers and social networks monitoring;
  • detailed information on the callers and their numbers.

Expert verdict:

With its great set of features and attractive price, uMobix should definitely be on your consideration list should you want to buy a scam-free app to spy on your boyfriend.


Despite its loud name, this application is more of a tracker than a spy. If you have ever considered following your boyfriend everywhere and tracking his phone – this application is a great choice for you. It can be easily installed on any mobile platform and provides you with all top-notch monitoring functions.


  • monitoring over the most popular messaging applications, including Snapchat and WhatsApp;
  • 100% stealthy application to track your boyfriend’s phone;
  • a convenient online dashboard providing access to all the necessary information synced every 5 minutes.

Expert verdict:

Cocospy is worth attention, first of all, for its multiplatformity; it is a rare example when all the features work equally perfectly on both Android and iOS.


Spynger is a newcomer to the market of apps to track your cheating boyfriend’s phone. Apart from all the standard features of any excellent cell phone tracker, it has a trendy landing page with a modern design. It is more important than you think, as an appealing design often adds to the app’s value in the potential customer’s eyes.


  • works perfectly on iOS and Android devices;
  • has a decent keylogger;
  • provides a guide on understanding whether you are being cheated on.

Expert verdict:

Spynger developers understand the principle of “meet on clothes”, and they did their best to create a fancy website to make their tracker stand out.


Phonsee is a decent GPS tracker for boyfriend that guarantees you accurate and complete information on their location and internet activity. Combined with a fantastic price of $8.85 per month, Phonsee becomes a juicy piece of tracking software! 


  • does not require a jailbreak to be installed on iPhones;
  • offers 24/7 high-quality customer support;
  • gives access to your boyfriend’s browser history.

Expert verdict:

Considering its price and the fact that it does not require jailbreak, Phonsee is one of the top choices for those who appreciate simple installation.


An old guy known to many, SpyBubble is that type of boyfriend spy app that has already become a golden standard in the industry. It is your best choice if you want to learn how to track your boyfriend’s phone, as it has a detailed FAQ section and a very useful blog.


  • an extremely simple 3-step installation procedure;
  • frequent discounts, which can make SpyBubble’s price outstanding for you;
  • the standard set of features, executed on a top-notch level.

Expert verdict:

SpyBubble is a must-have for all those who value well-known products that have already spent some time at the market and proven their top quality.


Primarily aimed at children tracking, Qustodio can also be used as a free app to track your boyfriend’s phone location. While the free version offers safe search, web filtering, daily time limits, restricted times, pausing the internet, 7-day activity reports, and premium email support, the basic plan with more extended tracking features is available at only $3.58 per month (though a year package can only be purchased), while the complete plan is twice as expensive.


  • blocking of undesired games and apps (no Tinder for your boyfriend!);
  • unlimited number of family-used devices;
  • can restrict internet access on your request.

Expert verdict:

Use Qustodio if you are not ready to pay for the tracker. At least you will understand if you generally need it.


Another veteran of the market, XNSPY is your best choice should you want to spy on your boyfriend’s phone 100% secretly 24/7. If you are not satisfied with the result, you get a full refund during the first 10 days after purchase, which gives you a lot of flexibility.


  • gives access to WiFi logs, providing in such a way additional information on your boyfriend’s location;
  • can take live screenshots for you;
  • tracks the current location and provides access to location history.

Expert verdict:

Different developers have different priorities. Those who developed XNSPY put customer support first place. By choosing XNSPY, you can be sure that all your issues will be solved ASAP.


With Hoverwatch’s help, you can see someone’s text messages without their phone in your hands. It allows you to track your boyfriend’s location, see what pictures he takes and saves in the gallery, and who he texts with for only $24.95 per month.


  • SIM card change tracker;
  • Location tracker even without GPS and Wi-Fi;
  • Reveals the notes and to-do lists.

Expert verdict:

Cheap and convenient to use, Hoverwatch is the golden mean of all phone trackers, the optimal choice for those who do not want to dig deeper into the details.


Spyic is of great use should you need to track your boyfriend by phone number. With its free account creation and more than reasonable pricing for the Premium plan ($9.99 per month), you will always know where your boyfriend is and what he does there.


  • GPS and Wi-Fi-based location tracking;
  • no-download installation for iPhones;
  • no-root installation for the devices using the Android system.

Expert verdict:

Not so many phone spies can offer tracking by phone number. Thus, if this fact is important to you – Spyic is your choice.


Another great application to track your boyfriend’s location for free, Snoopza guarantees that you will always be aware of your loved one’s location. It also has paid versions that open access to broader features. But if you only need to track the location – you are welcome to use it at the price of $0.


  • camera tracker;
  • calls recording;
  • Internet surfing tracking.

Expert verdict:

The greatest thing about Snoopza is that it offers tracking calls, managing SMS, tracking Internet history, and Geolocation features completely for free. Why not try?

Comparison of 3 Top Boyfriend Tracking Apps

Name Best for Compatibility Price per 1 month Trial period
uMobix Parental control and surveillance over messaging apps, full access to IG and FB on iOS Android, iOS $49.99 $1 trial for 48 hours
SpyBubble Busting a cheater and gathering proof Android, iOS $49.99 $1 trial for 48 hours
Snoopza Tracking location for free Android $14.95 No, but a basic free version is offered


What to Look for on Your Boyfriend’s Phone?

If you decide to spy on your boyfriend’s phone, you might be confused at the very beginning – what exactly should you pay attention to? You should understand how tracking apps work: upon installation, they will overwhelm you with information. So what to pay attention to?

  1. Latest messages. Look through the SMS, Facebook, and Instagram messages your boyfriend has received recently. They might give you plenty of information about where he is (was) and what he is (was) doing.
  2. Photos and videos. It might sound unexpected, but boyfriends are much more stupid than you think, and they might easily save a compromising picture in the gallery.
  3. Look at the recent apps your boyfriend has used. You may find something interesting there – Tinder, for example.


We hope you are now well-versed on how to check your boyfriend’s phone and what to look for. We did our best to give you exhaustive information on this issue, so now everything is in your hands.