How To Take Advantage Of The Internet To Promote Your Business

For a business to succeed it is not enough to have a good product or service, it must solve something better than what already exists and communicate it effectively to all those who may be interested in acquiring it. Otherwise, it will be easily replaceable and the decision will usually be based on the price. But how to promote the business in an effective way with limited resources? The answer is internet marketing. The best cost-benefit alternative for entrepreneurs.

How To Take Advantage Of The Internet To Promote Your Business


Web page: prospects educator par excellence

It becomes the centralizer of business information where you can share all the arguments to educate prospects on why you are a better option and based on that facilitate the purchase decision.

SEO company Safari Perth suggest focussing the content on the relevant aspects for visitors that help you better understand how you can generate value. In addition to the usual who we are, mission, vision, values, our products/services and contact us, include testimonials, success stories, frequently asked questions and a list of clients. This will minimize the risk of working with you or acquiring your product, in addition to generating proof that it is doing what it promises.

You can rely on a third party to develop your website or create it yourself with simple platforms such as Site Express or Moon fruit, for which you do not require technical knowledge. If you’ve decided you need a new website and you are confused to choose a web designing firm so there are different ways to choose a web design company.

Email Marketing: To sell again and again

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Email marketing is quite effective both to encourage greater purchases in current customers and to attract potential customers.

To current customers send special offers such as “since you purchased product A, get 30% discount on product B” or “as a user of version 1 you may be interested in the recently released version 2” or “open the store one hour before exclusively for our current customers to take advantage of our offers “or” remember your dental appointment next week “or” a year ago we did your washing machine maintenance, it is important to do a new check for which we have this offer “or” Enroll in our referral plan. “

For potential customers create a biweekly or monthly electronic newsletter that allows you to stay on the radar of some people who, although they have not bought, could do so in the future. A newsletter is an email that is sent to those people who have subscribed, with information of interest and some recommendations of their products or services. The content must be attractive -recommendations or ideas for something-, not only of your company and inviting the purchase. Enamored with relevant content.

Platforms such as Mail Chimp, contact or Constant Contact provide email opening statistics, pre-designed templates to look more professional, subscription forms and anti-spam filters.

Social Networks: Creating participatory communities

Social networks allow you to create a community around what you do, to lead groups of people with a common interest. Something like having your own means of communication through which you can be in permanent contact with people who might be interested in buying if they believe that you generate value.

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Building a community is different from being present in social networks. It is not enough to create profiles and simply wait for people to join you, you must generate value, offer them information of interest and be permanently cultivating them with activities. Activities like creating social media graphics to post, sharing blogs, useful information, videos etc.

Whether you have a Facebook page, a Twitter account, a LinkedIn profile or a YouTube channel, all are vehicles to be in contact with prospects and you must feed them permanently with relevant information.

People will be in their community as long as they feel it brings something to them. Just as with a single click they are with you, with another click they can leave it. It is about seduction and not imposition.

Blog: generating visibility and recognition

A blog is a free tool that may or may not be inside your web page (ideally within it to generate incoming traffic to it) and allows you to write regularly small articles of interest to your community regarding specific issues of your industry or industry.

Writing regularly in addition to generating expert status in your field allows people to subscribe (so you will be in permanent contact and position your company) and participate. It is an excellent content to share on your social networks.

If blogs are something new for you, you can try the Blogger platform   or with a bit more robust tools like WordPress or TypePad.

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