How to Optimize Cloud Storage Costs?

How to Optimize Cloud Storage Costs?

Cloud storage has become one of the most revolutionary technologies for businesses. Other than the ease of access, it is quite affordable compared to running a physical storage facility. With this in mind, if you would like to optimize your cloud storage then researching cloud platforms for developing and managing APIs such as Apigee is strongly recommended. It only costs a few dollars per GB of storage and does not compare with the other regular business expenses.

However, these costs can add up over time and impact business operations. With that in mind, here are some of the cloud storage best practices to reduce costs.

  • Find a low-cost cloud storage service

The most straightforward way to reduce cloud storage costs is to find a low-cost service. Most people tend to prefer the known cloud storage service providers like Google Cloud Platform (GCP), Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Microsoft Azure.

While these popular cloud storage platforms come with various additional features like block storage or wide database selection, they are more costly to use. Instead, if you only need the basic storage facilities you are better looking for the lower options. Some of these include; Backblaze and Wasabi.

  • Choose the right storage type 

Every business has varying cloud storage needs. You need to understand the specific needs before you can choose the specific storage facility. For example, while the Amazon S3 is the most popular due to its multiple data tiers, it might not be the best for your business if you won’t use all the tiers.

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The other option is to avoid buying the whole storage setup. The various S3 storage tiers come with different functionalities. You only select the one you need the most. When unsure of the ideal option then go with the S3-Intelligent tiring.

  • Automate infrastructure rightsizing 

One of the reasons why most entities go a full package when buying cloud storage facilities is the ease of changes. You don’t have to look for more space when experimenting or expanding with various products. The available space ensures convenience. However, it’s not all the time when the extra space gets used up. Also, when used you never know the exact amount of storage space you need. Either way, you end up spending money without using it.

You can save your finances by investing in automation. Look for a reliable data centre construction company to help you develop a continuous integration and continuous deployment system.

  • Don’t store more data than you need 

The other way to reduce your cloud data storage usage is by only storing what you need. While it might seem obvious, it is never easy to implement.

Uploading data is the breeze. However, finding the time to analyze then delete all the unnecessary data can be the issue. If you are looking to spend less on cloud storage then it might be necessary. Look for duplicates or data that are no longer useful for your business.

To ease your work, use tagging options and labelling to help you analyze data for relevance.

Bottom Line 

As a company, you need to save as much money as you can. Spending less on cloud storage is an ideal place to reduce expenditure. Use the above tips to help you use less cloud storage space for lesser costs.

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