How to Generate Leads for your Business Creatively?

How to Generate Leads for your Business Creatively?

“Lead generation excels when a campaign is looking to capture a piece of factual intelligence that could never be modeled or predicted through profiling and sophisticated propensity algorithms.” – Chris Cunningham

That’s why successful business owners are looking forward to expanding their customer base and boosting sales. To hit the goals, organizations are implementing different strategies to drive visitors and take them down the sales funnel.

Well! Uploading engaging and informative content over different social media channels indeed helps marketers catch visitors’ eyes. It is the most common strategy used to generate leads. Indeed, it helps them to get closer to the business goals, but there are other creative examples too that are useful and help you generate more leads without putting in extra effort and time.

Different Ways to generate leads

Find some examples here.

#1- Incorporate simple and attractive lead generation forms in Videos

As per the research conducted by wordstream, around 87% of online marketers use video content to capture the visitor’s attention and convert them into loyal customers.

Do you know why? Video marketing not only helps the organizations to make the visitor understand the concept easily but also generates their interest, which ultimately upgrades the business productivity.

To generate leads in a funny and interactive way, you can start with educational video courses or can outsource video services to the best video production agency. You can build visitors’ interest by giving the first lesson for free.

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Furthermore, you can embed lead generation forms in the middle of the educational video. If a user fails to access the rest of the lessons, then users have to fill out the form. Moreover, to increase conversions by 80% or more, you can also add good-quality videos on the landing pages.

So, if you want to drive serious results using a classy approach, start creating appealing animated explainer videos that include forms and draw attention.

#2- Put your efforts into creating an interactive and free tool

Do you know why most famous and successful brands like HubSpot, WordPress, etc., are putting extra effort into creating free tools? Nowadays, tool-based marketing helps the organization collect high-quality leads and generate more traffic.

Let’s make you more clear with this tactic by taking an example of a free headline analyzer tool. Whenever a user wants to know the rankings of a title, then before using a tool, they are asked to fill in their information, including name, contact details, website, etc.

Thus, the free tool smartly generates interest among the visitors and impresses them, who already feel that they are in between the process of doing research on their keyword. This one simple step will allow you to get the details you need for generating a lead.

Woah!! And you have generated a lead already.

No doubt, creating free tools might be expensive. But the impact of the free tools is awesome and worthy.

#3- Try sharing customer experiences to build an online presence

Think for a moment; how does an individual start liking some unknown marketing brand? If I am not wrong, before exploring the site, visitors’ first thing is the customer experience.

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It builds the visitors’ trust and makes them aware of the services/products the company is offering to its customers. If your customer experiences are positive, you would be able to generate interest in the visitors easily. It can not be denied that generating an engaging, real, emotional, and complete customer story is harder but will directly impact the lead generation ratio.

So, if you want to inspire people and make them check your products, then start creating a frame of your customer stories.

#4- Podcasts are trendy; take advantage

Have you ever thought of using podcasts for generating leads? If not, then give visitors something to listen to, which is both informative and engaging.

Podcasts act as a lead magnet and are a great community-building tool. It helps the marketers to generate a deeper personal connection with their audience and increase brand awareness.

To generate leads through podcasts, you can include alluring CTA’s either at the start of the podcast or just before the listeners switch off. Once the listener generates interest, then they will be excited to listen to your next podcast. Thus, the chances to grow your subscriber list increase.

#5- Surprising Quiz can be fun: Try generating leads with it

Generating leads through quizzes is another creative and new way to generate leads. If you create fun and engaging quizzes, then they can be a goldmine for your lead generation process.

You might have observed that people love exploring new things, testing their knowledge and skills. To attract these visitors and convert them into leads, you can create informative and engaging questionnaires. For making a powerful and compelling quiz, try to add both easy and hard questions. You can also connect with quiz masters to get an idea for creating a quiz that targets potential customers.

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To get started with the Quiz, the visitor has to fill in the details, which helps the marketers in converting the visitor into loyal customers.

Besides the points mentioned above, there are other ways too, by using which you can improve your lead generation process and escalate business revenue.


The Final say

Many marketers think that generating leads is rocket science, due to which they spend a lot of money. Indeed, it’s challenging to figure out the lead generation strategy, but hopefully, the above tips will help you to follow the right approach for generating quality leads in less time.

My favorite strategy is video creation. I believe it is one of the easiest and most effective ways to attract, engage and delight the target audience.

So, what are you looking for? Start generating leads by creating a powerful lead generation strategy and reach your business targets.

Still, have any concerns? Or want to add some points to the checklist? Feel free to share in the comments below.

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