How to Find the Best Hydroponic Equipment and Canadian Grow Tent Kits

Hydroponic systems have been used for years by commercial farmers. In most recent years, amateur gardeners are incorporating the systems in their own backyards to grow fresh veggies. If you’re still a little unsure of what the system is all about, learn more about hydroponics here:

Whether you are a Canadian citizen or not, it has been said that Canadian hydroponic manufacturers create some of the best kits in the world. But before you swipe your card and await your delivery, you should consider a few key factors:

Purpose of Purchase

It’s important that you purchase kits and equipment that is suitable for the purpose you want it to serve. Do you want to grow a few veggies for home use? Do you want to experiment with different types of plants? Or are you looking into creating a profitable business from farming in big quantities?

Purpose of Purchase

You can even turn your passion of hydroponic planting into a full-blown business. Many farmers are sourcing the best equipment and grow tent kits from Canada with the sole purpose of actually creating profitable agriculture farms from it.

Depending on what you want your hydroponic system to do, you’ll need different quantities and equipment. You wouldn’t want to end up ordering too little of one thing only to have to pay shipment and ordering more again.

What do You Need?

After scouring the internet, you’ll soon discover that there are loads of different equipment and accessories available to start your own hydroponics farm.

It’s important that you do a bit of research beforehand, to avoid purchasing a hydroponic system that you don’t know how to operate it. There are 6 different types of hydroponic systems that you can consider purchasing:

  1. Drip System that includes drip lines, overflow tubes, submersible pump, timer, non-submersible air pump, stone, growing trays, drip manifold, and an air hose
  2. Wick System that includes rope wicks, non-submersible air pump, an air hose and stone
  3. Nutrient Film that includes overflow tubes, submersible pump, non-submersible air pump, grow trays, air hose, and air pump
  4. Aeroponics that include a short-cycle timer, mist nozzles, submersible pump, and an air hose
  5. Ebb and Flow that include grow trays, submersible air pump, air hose, timer, and overflow tubes
  6. Water Culture System that include a floating platform, air stone and hose, and a non-submersible air pump
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All these systems can be purchased as already-assembled growing kits from manufacturers. Check out these examples of successful hydroponic farms who use different types of systems to grow fresh veggies.

What do You Need?


Most credible manufacturers will create their own premixed nutrients that can be given to plants. It’s important to note that when you want to pursue hydroponic gardening, that your plants will need the right amount of nutrients. Normal fertilizer that can be bought at a nursery won’t have the correct balance and might result in deficiencies.

Macro and micro nutrients include: nitrogen, boron, chlorine, copper, zinc, calcium, potassium, magnesium, iron, and molybdate. To achieve full success, you should consider purchasing nutrients from a company in Canada that are passionate about hydroponics.

Don’t compromise quality over cost when shopping around for nutrients. When you do it right from the get-go, you’ll reap countless benefits. Learn more about the benefits of investing in hydroponic farming here:


Credibility and Experience

With all shopping moving online it’s becoming easier to be scammed. Especially if you are purchasing equipment from another country, you should always do a quick background check on the company in question.

Make sure that they have a decent track record that consists of an active online presence. This will include interaction between current and previous customers as well as a few hundred reviews.

You’ll most certainly find recommendations on hydroponic-support groups from customers who are very satisfied with the product and services provided. Contact customer service and see how they respond, are they passionate?

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For those wanting to experiment before allowing their passion to achieve greatness, it’s recommended to purchase an already-assembled grow kit to start off your journey.

When you do the necessary research on what you need and who can provide it, you’ll track down the best equipment and grow kits Canada has to offer.

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