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How to create a promotion that works?

How to create a promotion that works?

Any business sometimes has hours and days of downtime. When this happens, marketers and entrepreneurs come up with promotions that can bring in as many customers and B2B leads as possible. And they have to think of placing their new proposals somewhere.

Common ways to publish a promotion are an official account in social networks, a website or aggregator sites with the option to upload a promotion. How can a client find your promotion on the Internet? For example, when they are looking for a service or product with key search queries, including the location names or words like discount, coupon, promotion. For such requests, a company website with good seo or an aggregator website with all the offers from the catalogue will be shown on the highest positions. Therefore, we recommend that you use all possible resources, where possible – to place a special offer for potential customers.

Come Up With A Catchy And Understandable Name

Do not use incomprehensible niche terminology. Remember that clients are not masters or experts of the industry. Your task is to explain to them the essence of the promotion and show the benefits. So you get a ‘warm’ client, and the client gets service at an affordable price.

When you have created a description of the offer, let your friends read it. Ask them a question – is the essence and benefits clear? If not, fix it.

Reflect The Essence In The Description

What is the most important thing in a promotion? A clear and concise description attracts the attention of a potential client. The simpler, more accessible and more detailed the way you explain the idea to people, the higher the likelihood of their interest. Your bonus will be an advantage over your competitors.

A good example of a promotion is where a client sees a benefit or a specific discount amount and understands what services will be included in the final sum indicated on the special offer.

Set A Limited Time Period

A popular mistake when compiling a promotion is the lack of a limited expiration date. Don’t neglect it and embed countdown timer to visualise it. This is a great motivation for your customers to hurry and make a purchase or sign up for your services. Clients will also understand that they can save money during a specific time interval. And if they’re late, they’ll have to look for another offer or pay more.

Two to four weeks is the optimal duration of the special offer. Promotions for a period of one or two days and from a month or more will not be very effective. Also, give your potential customer the feeling that they are very lucky to find a good deal today, but they may miss their chance as the promotion ends soon.

The Banner Should Hook The Client

Minimum text in the picture is the key to the success of your special offer. When an illustration is overloaded with words and numbers, a person does not perceive the essence of the offer.

Try to use photos of your products or masters, not from photo stocks. They are unique, attract attention and don’t cause copyright problems. And select the pictures that display exactly the service or product at a discount.

Keep Track Of Your Competitors

Monitoring the offers of your competitors will help determine what promotions are in demand among customers. After analysing their conditions, you can give more favourable conditions. In addition, you can peep ideas from a business of a related segment, redesign the offer for your business and thereby attract new customers.


Remember that in order for a promotion to attract the attention of clients, it must be understandable, limited in duration, with an appropriate picture, and a discount showing savings in sum, not percentages.

To double-check your action for effectiveness, answer yourself the following questions:

  • Is the description of the offer clear?
  • Is its essence clear within in the first 7 seconds?
  • Is the customer’s benefit stated in the description of the promotion?
  • Is the savings of money clear?
  • Is the promotion time limited?
  • Does the picture match the description of the promotion and is of high quality?

If you compose promotions correctly and follow our checklist, then special offers can be an excellent channel for attracting customers.

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