How to change IMEI number in any Android Device

The International Mobile Equipment Identity aka IMEI number has continued to create a lot of benefits for every device. Each device comes with its own IMEI number that allows for an easy identification of the device. The number usually appears in AA-BBBBBB-CCCCCC-D format. While the A and B parts called Type Allocation Code (TAC) means the device manufacturer and model respectively, the C part is the device serial number, and the D part is the check digit.

How To Find Imei Number

The IMEI number of each device provides a lot of benefits like:

  • Helps to locate device when lost or stolen
  • Allows to check with the device manufacturer
  • Lets you check for device validity
  • Can be used to prevent the access of the device to mobile networks in some countries.

Now that the whole internet is buzzing with “we want to change our IMEI number” using IMEI number changer apk, there is a need to make provision for that and that’s why this article is here. This article is a result of 4 months after research, and I am sure you will find it helpful.

Before changing your IMEI number, I think it is very important to clear your mind off those poor ideas you are currently having about changing an IMEI number. Ideas like; it is a must I root my device, I may lose my documents and apps, my device will be affected, and more should be put aside, as they are not true.

It is not a must you root your device before you can know how to change your IMEI number permanently, in fact changing your device without rooting doesn’t affect the warranty of your device,  and you will also able to use your old device as a new one with the same features.  Read on.

Let me get you into showing you how to change IMEI android without root now since you have been assured it is safe.

Whether a rooted one or a device that has not been rooted, with this article, you will be able to carry out the change without having to root your device.

Get to know your device IMEI number or the ID

Steps To Know And Change Imei Number

Without the previous IMEI number, it is impossible to carry out this task, so you will need to find out what the IMEI number of your device is before changing it.

You can skip this part if you already know your IMEI number, but as for those who don’t, follow this simple steps to know your IMEI number,

  • In order to find your IMEI number, kindly dial *#06# on your device and press the SEND button
  • Your IMEI number will appear on the screen
  • In order to know the ID of your device, kindly dial *#*#82555#*#* and press SEND to receive it.
  • Or manually by clicking on your device menu, then setting, then About Phone and Finally Status.

Now that you have your previous IMEI number or your device ID, you can now change it to your desired number. And in order to make it easier for you, I have listed here for you two methods each. One is how to do it without using an app while the other involves you downloading an app. Read on.

How to change your IMEI number without the need of downloading an app


If you want to change your IMEI number without downloading any app you will have to:

  • Kindly dial *#7465625# or you can dial *#*#3646633#*#* on your device
  • Tap the SEND button
  • Wait to receive CDS information in order to tap on it
  • Check for Radio information
  • Select the sim you want to change if your device is using dual sim, otherwise move on
  • Then change your IMEI number
  • Then click on the SEND button and you are done.

You can also change your device ID with or without rooting as follows;

To change device ID by rooting

  • After rooting your device
  • Download then install a device ID changer app 
  • Follow the apps wizard
  • Change the device ID
  • Restart the device and that’s all.

To change your device ID without rooting

  • After backing up your device
  • Click on settings followed by clicking on backup & Reset
  • Proceed by clicking on the Factory Data Reset
  • Reset your phone and then you will get a new ID

How to change your IMEI number using an app

For a rooted device

  • From Google play store, download an IMEI changer app (IMEI number changer software)
  • Install Xposed on your rooted device
  • Dial *#06# in order to get a unique IMEI number which you will write down
  • on the installed Xposed, go to Modules
  • then Reboot your device
  • once booting is done and your device is restarted, you will find your previous IMEI number and the New IMEI number
  • in the NEW IMEI NUMBER box, press your IMEI number which you have written down
  • click on apply
  •  then restart the device again to set up the new IMEI
  • Check again to confirm and you will see your new IMEI number, and that’s it.

For a device that has not been rooted

Use these steps if your device has not been rooted;

  • From Google play store, first, download the Mobile Uncle App
  • After downloading  the app, then open  it
  • On the app, select Engineer mode
  • Tap on CDS information
  • Select Phone 2 on the options given
  • Type AT+ the 15 number of the new IMEI
  • Click on SEND at COMMAND
  • And finally, restart your device to get the new IMEI for your device
  • You are done.

With those simple steps, you will be able to change your IMEI number easily, and even your phone ID.

You might want to share this article to educate others too, and if you missed anything or have any question, kindly write them in the comment box, we are always here to respond to you.

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