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How to Bypass Venmo Phone Verification using a Fake Phone Number?

How to Bypass Venmo Phone Verification using a Fake Phone Number?

Venmo is a popular online payment network that facilitates fast and secure money transactions. However, to ensure the security of its users, a Venmo SMS verification code is issued to your phone number before account activation. While it’s important to take this step to prevent fraud, some users might find it annoying or wish to skip it. This article explains how to use a fake phone number to bypass Venmo phone verification.

What is Venmo?

Owned by PayPal, Venmo is a mobile payment platform widely used in the United States. Anyone with a Venmo account can send money to another user using a mobile phone app, but only if both the sender and the recipient are located in the US.

Users must provide some basic information and one or more bank accounts while creating a Venmo account using a website or mobile app. To use Venmo, you must have an authentic email address as well as an American phone number. Transaction recipients can be verified through the user’s phone number, Venmo username, or email address.


Can Venmo Be Used Internationally?

Only US citizens can use Venmo; it does not support international payments. As a result, whether using the Venmo app or a web browser outside of the US, you’re likely to experience difficulties. To safely access your Venmo account as a non-US user, you’ll require a Virtual Private Network (VPN).

What is Venmo Phone Verification?

Venmo Phone Verification is an authentication process used by Venmo to safeguard user privacy. establishing a Venmo account. To receive SMS messages, provide a valid phone number. A Venmo SMS verification code is then sent to the supplied phone number. To finish the verification procedure, the user must open the app.

Venmo authenticates users and stops the establishment of fraudulent accounts by verifying the phone. This will increase security by enabling Venmo to get in touch with the user if there is any suspicious conduct on the account.

Even though some users may find phone verification to be inconvenient, it is an additional security measure that contributes to the user’s and the Venmo platform’s security.

Why Is Venmo Phone Verification Important?

For increased security, Venmo and the majority of other online payment systems adhere to strict verification procedures. As a result, if you have two or more Venmo accounts, you must sign in using separate email and phone numbers. The benefits of Venmo Phone Verification include:

  • Venmo Phone Verification helps you in reducing the number of spam accounts.
  • You can also employ 2-factor authentication and your phone number to secure your account from hackers.
  • Venmo phone verification also allows users to quickly trace fraudulent behaviour and alert them to it.

Furthermore, it is essential since Venmo phone verification allows you to send and receive money as well as transfer funds to your bank account.

How to Bypass Venmo Phone Verification using a Fake Phone Number?

When you initially sign up for a Venmo account, whether personal or commercial, you will be prompted to verify your phone number.

Until you finish the phone verification procedure for your Venmo account, you won’t be able to send money or accept payments.

Additionally, unless you validate your phone number, you won’t be able to connect a linked bank account or access your Venmo funds.

So, let’s look at how we can bypass Venmo phone verification using a Fake Phone Number.

  • For Venmo phone verification, you will need to obtain a fake phone number.
  • Even though Venmo makes it challenging for users to register without an active phone number and email address, you can still get past this restriction.
  • To authenticate your Venmo account, you can go to the FelixMerchant website, which offers fake phone numbers. For acquiring a fake phone number for Venmo, you might be required to pay a fee.
  • You will then receive a Venmo SMS verification code if you access it using this number.
  • Once the confirmation procedure is finished, you can start using Venmo without disclosing your real phone number.

Summing Up

Despite the fact that Venmo phone verification might be annoying, it is a crucial security step to protect your money from fraudulent activity. Your personal number is not recommended for Venmo for security reasons.

There are various ways to bypass Venmo phone verification, including using a fake phone number for Venmo, asking a friend or family member to verify your account, getting a burner number, contacting Venmo support, or utilising an alternative payment method.

Before employing these techniques, be sure you are not violating Venmo’s terms of service or engaging in fraud.

With the help of FelixMerchant services, you can quickly get Venmo phone verification online by following the guidelines and implementing the strategies appropriately.

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