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How Software Telemetry Works for Your Business

Regardless of which type of business you run, software telemetry is an important process you won’t want to ignore. Automatically recording and transmitting data from a remote location, to an IT system, telemetry plays a huge role in allowing you to analyse and monitor data.

Here, we’ll look at how software telemetry works and the benefits it delivers to your business.

How does it work?

On a basic level, telemetry works by using sensors within a remote location, which then measure electrical or physical data. It converts this into electrical voltages, which combine with timing data to form a data stream which can be transmitted either via a wired or wireless connection.

In terms of software, telemetry and Scada, enables automatic collection of user data after a software program has been released. It enables developers to analyse the data, seeing whether there are any issues which need to be addressed.

What benefits does it provide?

One of the main benefits of software telemetry in business, is that it allows you to see how well the software is working for the end-user. You get to remotely monitor performance and use the data collected to help improve the software if required. It also means that any errors can be picked up on pretty quickly.

Being able to pick up on issues right away, reduces the risk of downtime. This is turn can save you a small fortune on potential repairs. You’ll be able to see how long users are using the application, which settings they typically use most and whether they are using the features as you would expect them to.

Understanding the challenges faced

While software telemetry can be extremely beneficial to businesses, it doesn’t come without its challenges. For example, many end-users may be opposed to having their usage monitored. This means when they notice, they may just turn it off, shutting down your ability to monitor and collect data.

Largely however, integrating software telemetry into your business will deliver great benefits. Provided you choose a reliable service, it can really help you to improve your software, address any issues quickly and potentially save a lot of money by avoiding expensive repairs.

Overall, if your business isn’t using software telemetry, now is definitely the time to look into it. The benefits it can deliver far outweigh the potential challenges. Just make sure you’re choosing the right provider if you want to experience the benefits that come through software telemetry.


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