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How Phone Validation Can Help Your Business: 5 Tips

Today, the issues of digital fraud and security breaches are becoming very common for many businesses. Because of this, most businesses are adopting stringent security measures. However, cybercriminals continue to upgrade their skills, thus making it possible for them to hack even the strongest databases.

Data breaches are serious scandals, which lead to customer discontent. Failing to prevent or address these scandals can negatively affect your business. This, in turn, can affect your financial status as a business.

But did you know that you can reduce the possibilities of data breaches by using phone validation tools? In addition to this, your business gets to enjoy other benefits by using phone validation.

Phone Validation Can Help Your Business

But first, what’s phone validation?

Phone validation makes it possible for business owners to check and validate phone numbers. For this to happen, you will need to send an SMS or voice message to the phone users, and then request them to respond to the message. Then, the user is required to put a code into the application. So, if the phone user follows the instruction, it’s an indication that they are genuine phone users. Besides, it proves that the user has access to the number they have provided.

You can perform phone validation in real-time. With this, you will be sure that you’ve verified every phone number that you add to your database. However, you can also validate phone numbers that you have in your existing database. This is very important, especially if you didn’t validate the phone number before adding them to your system.

Improved customer experience

In addition to email, most businesses today rely on the phone as their main communication channel. By validating phone numbers, businesses can reach out to their customers for after-sales services, and make sure that they can reach your business without any challenge.

Boosts your revenue opportunities

Since phone validations help you to confirm the validity, accuracy, and status of phone numbers before adding them to your database, you will be able to target actual customers. Thus, you can improve your conversion leads, which translates to improved revenue.

Improved communication

As a business owner, it’s important that you isolate mobile numbers from a landline for better communication. With this, your business will be complying with the set rules and regulations governing telemarketing, thus avoiding costly risks.

Helps you verify the identity of your customers

Phone validation tools such as the phone validation tool by Byteplant make it easier for businesses to verify the identity of their customers before adding them to their customer database and contact lists. Once you validate the phone number, you can connect it to the user. This, in turn, establishes trust as well as secure access to the user. You can use the phone number to confirm the user’s identity at the different stages of the consumer cycle, so long as the phone number remains valid.

User convenience

When using phone validation, your customers will need to verify their phone numbers on the end when registering. This is very convenient, as it does away with the traditional methods used to verify the identity of your customers. Some of these methods include email and password/username validation, which make registration processes more complicated.

Bonus point: phone validation helps to prevent fraud

Phone validation plays an important role in preventing online fraud, as well as the creation of bulk accounts. Moreover, it helps to provide real-time security and allows business owners to identify bots or spammers trying to register different bogus user accounts. Today, most businesses are struggling with the issue of fake users, who don’t add any value to the business—they only drain your resources. Besides, fake user accounts are very harmful, as they can spam validated user accounts—and this is the last thing any business owner wants.

Bottom Line

Phone validation tools are becoming an integral part of today’s business operations. With phone validation, you can decrease the chances of a data breach. Moreover, you can improve your business’ efficiency in every phase of the consumer lifecycle—from registration of accounts to various user engagement activities. With millions and millions of phone users across the world, phone validation is one of the best ways to verify and validate the identity of your customers.

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