Here’s How You Can Prank Using The Internet

You already know about funny memes and amusing TikTok videos made by the minds of creative people. But sometimes it can get too tiring, can’t it? Just checking your phone all day to find a hint of dopamine boost can just get too dull and repetitive at times. If you are the kind of person that yearns to do things on their own, then you are in luck because there are funnier ways you can spend your time on the internet than just mindlessly scrolling. We wrote a guide on how you can prank someone on the internet using creative social media pranks, prank websites, and prank applications that you need to try. Don’t worry, you still haven’t exhausted all the fun that the internet can offer, albeit – you’re just starting to enjoy the depths of its wonders!

How You Can Prank Using The Internet

So keep on reading to find out how to funnily mess with someone on the internet (without being mean), and thank us later! You’re welcome in advance!

1. Get creative on social media or instant messaging apps.

There’s no doubt that you can engage any audience that you like on social media because, well, everybody’s there nowadays! You already know you can compose witty captions and upload funny media to incite occasional giggles to your audience. But did you know that you can also prank them if you’re only creative enough to think of something so unusual they wouldn’t know they’re being fooled? Pranking is an art, and the way to master it is to think steps ahead of them. If you need ideas for starters, you can try one of these:

Lyric Prank

Lyric pranks are one of the most famous text pranks on the internet. We know it’s not too original or obscure. But the key here is to find the perfect song to make this work. If you have no idea how to do this, it’s pretty simple. Just pick a piece that resonates with you through its lyrics and send it as a text message to your victim line by line. The rule is to not send the next part of the song until they’ve responded. Keep doing this until they realize that you are messing with them. If you finished the song and they still haven’t figured it out, then consider yourself a winner in a game that only you have been playing. Kidding aside, you can try sending this to your crush or your friends. It’s truly a fun way to tread with boredom.

Image Not Loading Prank

Do you talk to your friends on Facebook Messenger? Try mimicking the notification that says, “(Your name) sent a photo.” Just that sentence. Don’t send anything else. Some people with slow internet connections are always falling victims to this prank. They’ll think there is something wrong that’s why the image you allegedly sent is not loading. If they ask you to try to send the photo again, send the same message and let them lose their mind. It’s been tried and tested, and it is epic!

Typing Prank

GIFs are your friend. If you chat with your friends on iMessage, simply download a typing GIF (it’s all over the internet.) Then, the next time you catch up with your besties, tell them you have something important to say to them. Then, once they’re all hyped up, send them the typing GIF and let them wait forever. Not a LOL moment on their end, but it indeed is at yours!

Pregnancy Snapchat Prank

Pregnancies are always big news. However, it is not every day that our friends announce that another human being is growing inside them, so if someone does, it indeed is a big deal! Just take any ultrasound photo you can find on the internet and post it on your Snapchat. Caption it with heart praying emojis and express how happy or thankful you are to see it. Your DMs will surely blow up for such funny (yet slightly guilty) reasons.

Troll Your Friend’s Instagram Profiles

Bored? Why not use that time and energy to shower your friend some excessive love that might make them feel weird. Head to their Instagram profile, like and comment on all of their pictures until they see their notifications low up with only your interactions with them. Bon Jovi lied to you. Too much love won’t kill you. It can just annoy someone.

2. Use Prank Websites.

Yes, smartphones are handier now; that’s why everyone is glued to them. But if you prefer to be old-fashioned and try pranking through your web browser, you can have fun with existing prank websites! Yes, not everything can be accessed through apps nowadays. But, sometimes, the fun is just a webpage away.

Love Calculator

Do you wanna know your friends’ secret crushes? Access this website to make your own link that you can send to them. Tell them how cool and accurate the compatibility calculator is and that they should try it too! All they need to do is fill out the boxes with their name and their crush’s name. But in reality, the results will be sent to you, and you’ll have a list of who likes who!

Crash Safari

This is kind of an annoying prank, especially if your friend is doing something important with their phone/computer. Just send them the link, and their device will hang unless they restart it. Pretty genius for the creators to make, to be honest!

Google Gravity

By going to the link, one can feel the gravity in their google homepage. Yes, gravity! Meaning things will fall to the bottom of your screen. We suggest that you hack into someone’s computer and input this website. When they come back, they’ll see that the Google homepage may have lost its mind!

Red Button

This website will test the limits of your curiosity. When you visit the link, you will be met by a red button telling you not to click it. But what’s the point of going to the website and not doing anything, right? So anyone with a curious mind will click it. And what will happen? We won’t tell you, that’s for you to find out!

Google Terminal

Not much of a prank itself, but it can be depending on the context. When you go to the link, you will see a Google homepage – except you are in the ’90s! It’s up to you how you can prank a friend with it, but if you’re not really into that – it still makes a cool and nostalgic sight to look at!

3. Install and use Prank Applications.

Ownage Pranks

Are you thinking of a quick and easy way to send anonymous prank calls to your friends and family? Are you also thinking of a fun prank to fool people, but you are out of ideas? Then you should try Ownage Pranks’ prank call app! This prank app boasts a collection of more than 100 pre-recorded prank calls that you can choose from that you can send to anyone anywhere and anytime you like. You send quick prank calls ranging from an annoying neighbour randomly asking for a Wifi password to an angry girlfriend threatening someone to stay away from her man. You won’t have to worry about these pranks’ quality because they are made from genius prank scripts and are performed by professional voice actors to make the calls more believable. What’s more is it provides an online soundboard!

If you want something more elaborate, you can always send Ownage Pranks a prank request and leave the deed to them as you just enjoy the fun unfold at your ear’s reach! Their calls are also untraceable, thanks to their spoof calls. A spoof call works by gathering your data and hiding it all under a fake caller I.D. This way, you won’t need a burner phone anymore to enjoy prank calls!

Fake Money Scanner

Wouldn’t it be cool if people can just identify real or fake money through mobile apps? Maybe that will be the case in the future but for now, just let other people believe that you’re cool enough to have a fake money scanner on your phone. The graphics in the app are quite impressive, that even you would think that maybe money can be scanned! And hey, if you are interested in what the future may hold, you can check here for the top 5 tech careers in the future.

Snake In Hand

Snake in hand is an Android app where you can prank people into thinking for a few seconds that a random snake is crawling in their hands. Don’t believe us? Download the app, and you’ll know what we’re talking about!

Loudest Air Horn

Don’t have an airhorn to startle your friends and family with its loud and obnoxious sound? No problem! Instead of buying one from your local novelty store, you can always download this app on iOS and Android and use it to wake or startle your friends. Don’t worry, it sounds super realistic, and you’ll never regret downloading this!

Trust us, the world’s dependence on the internet is not going away anytime soon. So we better make most of this by experiencing light-hearted fun on the side. There may be more advancements to be made in the future. But trust us, pranking is never leaving as long as there are mischievous minds like yours that don’t always take life so seriously. It will just keep sailing with the growth of technology, and we will never run out of things to laugh about! So if that excites you, feel free to try the apps, websites, and creative ideas we gave you. Just remember to keep things safe and respectful at all times. So good luck, and happy pranking!