Heading: What is Microsoft’s New Product ‘Cloud PC’?

Heading: What is Microsoft’s New Product ‘Cloud PC’?

With all the news about the latest operating system, Windows 11, most people were expecting it to be the future of Microsoft computing. But this may not be the case, as there recently have been leaks about a new product Microsoft are developing, currently known as Cloud PC. From what we know, this is a virtualised desktop experience that can be deployed from the Microsoft Cloud.

Microsoft already have some services like this. Windows Virtual Desktop (sometimes known as ‘WVD’) is their current remote desktop service, and Microsoft Azure comprises all of Microsoft’s cloud computing products. Cloud PC will use these existing infrastructures to create an even better experience for the end user.

TechQuarters, an IT Support London provider, spoke to us about the news. “With the advent of hybrid working, remote and virtual desktops are becoming a more popular solution,” says TechQuarters. “Microsoft has already experienced success with WVD, and Cloud PC will probably be an improved, more widely accessible version of their virtual desktop service.”

It seems that, like with Windows Virtual Desktop, Cloud PC will still be primarily for professional use. “Based on the evidence,” says TechQuarters, “Cloud PC will probably be aimed at small to medium-sized businesses, instead of larger enterprises, as with WVD.”

According to TechQuarters, the advent of ‘Windows as a Service’ is good news for them and other IT providers. “We are a Managed IT Services London provider, but we are also a Microsoft Gold Partner.”

Microsoft Partners work directly with Microsoft to offer businesses contracts that include Microsoft licensing, and their own IT support services. Through Microsoft partners, businesses can access a wider array of IT services to accompany their software. “Cloud-based virtual desktops can be managed by us for the customer,” says TechQuarters, “this makes support even more accessible for the customer. We can deliver Manchester IT support from 200 miles away with the use of our cloud tools, and Cloud PC could make us even more effective at our job.”

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Microsoft appear to have been working on delivering Windows 10 from cloud servers for many years now; and it is reasonable to assume that they are banking on this being the future of Windows operating systems, as a consumer addition of Cloud PC is also expected to be announced in the not-so-distant future.

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