Everything You Should Know About Valorant Currency

When every new game is a Battle Royale, a 5v5 competitive shooter made by Riot Games is bound to get a lot of attention. Valorant is a slow and tactical First-Person Shooter, like CSGO, but you can choose between a few characters with different abilities, like in Overwatch. Despite some questionable anti-cheat systems, Valorant is a very fun tactical FPS with excellent weapon handling.

Know About Valorant Currency


Much like in CSGO, in Valorant you have an in-game economy system where you earn money at the end of each round. There are six different ways you can earn money

  • If you win the round, you get $3000
  • If you lose the round, you get $1900
  • If you are on a losing streak of two rounds, you get $2400, and if you are on a losing streak of three rounds or more, you get $2900
  • If your team planted the Spike, everyone gets $300
  • You get $200 per kill, just for you, not the team

There is another way of getting money in-game, and that is if you are the worst-performing player on your team, but this is not very common.

Based on these values, the most money you can get on one round is $4300. If you win the round, your team plants the Spike, and you managed to kill all five enemies. On the other hand, the least amount of money you can get in a round is $1900. This is just of losing the round.

If you have to prioritize buying, one of the most essential things to buy is a shield. Having more health automatically gives you an advantage over your enemy. You have two options when purchasing shields. Light Shield costs $400 and gives you 25 health in the form of additional protection, and Heavy Shield costs $1000 and provides you 50 health in the form of extra security. When you need to decide which one you should buy, Light Shield should be purchased if you have at least $1000; this way, you have $600 to spend on weapons or abilities. Heavy Shield should be bought if you have more than $2600. This way, you will have enough money for a lower end gun and abilities.

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When it comes to the importance of abilities, this will depend on your agent and play style. Maybe it’s better to save some money if the abilities aren’t too useful and upgrading your shield or guns instead.

When you need to buy every round, there are four methods – Full eco, Eco, Forche buy, and Full bay. Within each of these categories, you should spend the minimum money for these methods to work. If you are doing Full eco, your minimum cash is zero. If needed, you can buy one cheap ability. When you are doing Eco you have a minimum of $1500. You can buy a pistol or a cheap SMG and one ability if needed. If you are doing Force buy, you have a minimum of $2600. You can spend it on an SMG, shotgun, or a cheap rifle, and also one or two abilities. Lastly, if you are doing a Full bay, you have a minimum of $4000. You can buy expensive rifles, heavies, and snipers, and two or three abilities if it is worth it. Keep in mind that these minimum values assume you have no money to start with.

General tips when it comes to the economy in Valorant

  • You should share money with the team. If you can buy a weapon for your teammates, you should do it. It’s better for everyone on the team to have decent guns.
  • You should pick up weapons from the ground. This is useful because you will keep the gun to the next round.
  • You need to keep track of the economy of the enemy team as best as you can.
  • Before switching sides or when the game is going to end, you need to spend all of your money.
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What are Valorant Points

Valorant Points, or VP for short, are an in-game currency. You can buy VP with real money for a very high price, and you can spend your Valorant Points on weapon skins and other cosmetics. If you don’t want to grind for all characters, you can buy them with Valorant Points.

What are RadianitePoints

Radianite Points or RP, are the other currency in the game. You can buy RP with Valorant Points. You can also get Radianite Points just by playing and leveling up. Rewards from Battle Passes also give you RP. Now the important part is how to spend the Radianite Points. Well, they are used only to update the skins that you already have. Depending on the skin, you can add different things to it. On some skins, you can change the color of it. Still, on others, you can have glowing parts on the gun, new sound effects, or different reload animations. You can also have special animation for killing the last player on the other team, and a different color for the gum makes it look even more cool and unique.

Final verdict

Valorant is a game that is different than other tactical shooters on the market. It has all the traditional game mechanics of the genre, but it adds an exciting twist with different characters’ addition. The game’s cosmetics might be expensive, but no one is forced to spend any amount of money on them. They are pearly competing and don’t provide additional damage, rate of fire, or reload speed. They won’t help you be a better player. This is a very competitive game, and it can be hard to be good at it. It would help if you spent a lot of time getting the hang of every weapon, every map rotation, and the different ways that the characters are played. If you struggle with your progression in the game, one of the best ways is to ask for help from better people. You can check boosting-ground.com because they have a team of veteran players ready to help you. They offer 24/7 support and Valorant boosting services for affordable prices.

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