Everything about JIO 149 plan

India is one such country which used to spend so much money on the telecom industry to stay connected with their families and friends who are staying apart from them. Taking this as an advantage, many telecom companies virtually looted the public with maximum possible rates. This entire scenario has changed with the entry of Reliance Jio from September 2016. Yes, this was the month from which officially Reliance Jio was available to the public and is serving its best to reach the maximum.

It was Dhirubhai Ambani’s dream to make India a better digitalized nation. To make it happen, the first step they took was releasing the one and only Reliance Jio to the public use. As it was a massive hit in the industry, even the giants in the telecom sector like Airtel, Idea, Vodafone, Tata and BSNL have come down so many steps to march along with Reliance Jio.

To make it happen and reach the maximum, first Reliance Jio offered their customers free voice and data services for a specified period. Due to the rules and regulations of the TRAI, they have to stop the free offers and have to charge for using their services. It was a challenging and they introduced high-quality 4G services to their users with nominal fee. And this took as a storm in the telecom industry. Eventually the competitors have to reduce fares to make a mark. In the process of making digitalized India, Reliance Jio has offered 4G plans which are nominal when compared to the benefits you get by activating those plans.

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JIO 149 plan details

One such plan is Jio Rs.149, exclusively for prime members. The validity of the pack is 28 days. The user gets a maximum of 42 GB for a 28 day period (1.5 GB a day) with high-speed data and after the day’s FUP limit the browsing speed will be 64 kbps. This was the revised plan available from June and earlier, it was only 28 GB (1 GB a day) for 28 days. The user can send 100 SMS per day for 28 days for the subscribers in India. The voice calls are truly unlimited, you have no limit for voice calls literally (of course with every other Jio offer, it was the same) and the complimentary Jio apps subscription. By which means you can use all the Jio apps free within the validity period. Actually this plan is also valid for Jiofi users. For Jiofi Users can configure the Jiofi settings in Jiofi.Local.Html website.

All these benefits for the prime customers, as the Rs. 149 plan is exclusive for prime customers (Rs. 99 per year). One extra year benefits without subscribing to prime again for the customers who have redeemed the offer in the limited time specified. Unlimited calls for 28 days, irrespective of the operator your receivers are used throughout the nation. No roaming charges within the country during the offer period. When the offer period got exhausted, you can even make calls to your Jio friends and family and continue to speak them unlimited time.

The users can continuously use the data for a day within 24 hours as there are no wee hours like an extra cost during 2 AM to 5 AM. To enjoy all these immense benefits you have to be in a full coverage area, check for the better connectivity places and stay close to signals.

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The prime connection is a one-time subscription for the users who have added benefits like Jio apps subscription and lower rates. The prime subscribers can enjoy 64 kbps speed even after the expiration of the existing plan, which is not provided by any other telecom operator. When you recharge your Jio number with this plan through My Jio app, you will get 100% cash back in the form of coupons Rs. 50 each which you can use at the time of subsequent recharges done through My Jio app. The voucher is applied automatically and Rs. 50 will be levied from the total bill amount.

You can also rely on other websites or apps for cashback offers. But the best one among them is recharged through My Jio app as you do not get more benefit from other sites.

Amid the high competition among the telecom giants Reliance Jio is winning hearts and have seen a significant growth in the first quarter of the calendar year along with the state-owned BSNL.

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