EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard Review

We all use laptops and computers, as this is the age of technology. But with the inventions, comes the disease. You must have at some point been the victim of computer virus that eats away your data. Our data in the computer is very important to us. Sometimes its our photos, thesis, hard drive information and much more. But to your surprise may be, its never gone away forever from your computer. The data can be recovered. You often have gone to the data recovers but they charge a good lot of money. You don’t need to go to them anymore because EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard is now available for free for your data recoveries.

EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard is suitable for windows mostly 12.0. This is free and easy to use. This software can recover data lost through any procedure including accidental deletion, virus, hard disk loss, or formatted through any other method from any removable disk. This is easy and fast to use. This is free to download and you can recover data of up to 2GB for free.

This does not only recovers the data from computers or laptops but also recovers from USBs, hard drives, memory cards and other storage devices. It has Pro and Mac versions as well to which you can subscribe later.


It is all in one data recovery wizard. You don’t need separate software for differently lost data. It can recover data lost through:

  • Accidentally deleted data
  • Formatted data recovery
  • Data lost from Recycle Bin
  • Lost partition data recovery
  • Data lost through hard drive damage
  • Data eaten away by Virus
  • OS crash data lost
  • Raw partition recovery
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These are the different methods through which data can be lost and there is one solution to all the recoveries of data, that is EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard.

The full guide is available for the data recovery through the EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard Free. There are a few easy steps that should be followed to recover the data from any storage device.

Some important feature that makes this software worth its importance is as follows:

Firstly, the whole recovery can be done in just three clicks. This software does not take days and hours for recovery but it is efficient and fast. And all your lost data can recover just after three clicks apart. There is no experience required to deal with the software and to operate it.

Secondly, the scanning methods are very flexible, as they are deep scan and  quick scan. They scan all the folders quickly and deeply to recover your lost data, no space is left undiscovered. This eases the scanning and no file is left unscanned, hence the lost data is found quickly and obviously. Thus scanning is the major feature of his wizard because the major task is to find the data, later it can be recovered easily.

Third another important feature is that it lets you preview all the lost data so you can decide what you want to recover. It avoids any extra and unwanted recoveries. This keeps the space of the device and also avoids any jumbled up recoveries.

So download EaseUS Data Recovery Software and get back your memories and data.

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