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Do You Want an Affordable Gaming PC? Get a Recertified Unit

Do You Want an Affordable Gaming PC? Get a Recertified Unit

When you want to be a professional gamer, you need at least two things: grit and money. Between the two, the latter is more urgent. You can never start anything if you don’t have the financial means to buy even a gaming PC.

But gaming PCs these days can be expensive. The basic ones may be around $800 at least. As your gameplay improves and the kinds of games in the market become better, you need one that can handle the higher video and sound demand.

Thus, a professional gamer may have to acquire a more high-end PC, which could have an entry price of $1,200. If you want something more customized or comprehensive, be ready to spend about $2,000. These costs still don’t include accessories for a custom build.

How can you buy a cheap PC without compromising quality? The answer is available in the market: recertified PCs.

What Are Recertified PCs?

Recertified PCs are electronics that end up being returned to the manufacturer. Usually, one of the reasons is a defect:

  • The device incurred damages while in transit. Probably the handling was poor, or the packaging was insufficient.
  • The PC lacked physical parts that prevented the buyer from using it.
  • The PC suffered software issues a few days or a week after the person purchased the item. (But this is in the premise that the individual didn’t download any program that could have possibly caused the problem.)

But there could also be other reasons that may result in having PCs recertified that don’t have anything to do with physical or software problems.

For example, a buyer decided to take advantage of the returns policy that said that the company provides a 30-day money-back guarantee with no questions asked. They want to let go of the product because they need the money, find the unit unsatisfactory, or think that the product description or marketing strategy was misleading.

How Different Is This with Refurbished PCs?

Before, the distinction was clear. Refurbished PCs are those electronic devices that the manufacturer received because they were defective. In turn, they improved the equipment and fixed the problem, so they could still be serviceable and ready to be sold.

Recertified PCs, meanwhile, are often available as is. When a person buys them, the device already comes with the caveat called “buyers, beware.” If the units become problematic, they should be ready to deal with the consequences.

Today, even technical experts used these terms interchangeably, and federal law has something to do with it. To protect consumer rights, regulations say that anything that goes back to the manufacturer, regardless of the circumstances that caused it, cannot be available in the market again as brand-new equipment. Thus, a recertified PC can be either refurbished or not.

How to Buy a Recertified PC

Saving money remains the primary reason to buy a recertified PC. However, just because you’re paying less doesn’t mean that you should be getting an inferior unit. To help you find a unit that combines quality and good price, here are two essential tips:

  1. Buy a PC with a Warranty

Sometimes, returning the unit to the manufacturer because of a defect or whatever reason can void the warranty. Moreover, sellers of refurbished or recertified PCs are not bound by law to provide any guarantee once the product is back in the market.

The good news is, you can still find an excellent PC builder website that sells recertified units with warranties. Granted, these guarantees may not be as lengthy as the original, which could be good for years. Often, the product will come with only 90 days’ warranty.

But this is already a better deal compared to not getting anything at all. In fact, some may throw in a warranty and a 30-day money-back guarantee in case you’re not happy with the purchase. Either way, these options will give you peace of mind.

A special note, though: some PCs may already include software or even games. These are less likely to be covered by the manufacturer’s or seller’s warranty. Instead, you need to refer to the guarantees for each of these products.

  1. Consider Getting a Recertified PC from a Gamer

Not all recertified PCs have been used. But for those that have been, find one that came from a gamer. Most likely, the unit has already been modified for your needs.

At first glance, they may be pricier than an untouched product. But they will still be cheaper in the long run since they may already have accessories and parts that are expensive to buy individually.

There are pros and cons when buying a refurbished or recertified PC. However, if you get the unit from a reliable seller, you may enjoy the big difference in savings while receiving an excellent unit.

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