Dixon Trujillo: Shadows and Legacy of Griselda Blanco

The realm of notorious drug overlords invariably evokes the name Griselda Blanco, the “Godmother of Cocaine“. Beyond her reign in Miami during the 1970s and 1980s, lay her intricate family dynamics, notably with her son, Dixon Trujillo. Let’s uncover the lesser-known tales surrounding Dixon Trujillo’s life and his intertwined fate with Griselda Blanco.

Griselda Blanco

Understanding Dixon Trujillo

Born in Colombia in 1967, Dixon Trujillo was the offspring of Griselda Blanco and Carlos Trujillo, her first spouse. Dixon’s early life in the US was colored by his mother’s notorious pursuits. Immersed in the world of narcotics from childhood, Dixon was deep into the drug trade by his teenage years.

Dixon Trujillo and Griselda Blanco: Tangled Emotions

Their bond was a mix of loyalty and trepidation. Dixon Trujillo was among Griselda’s most trusted allies, yet the weight of her intimidating persona cast a shadow on their relationship. Described in “The Last Godmother”, Dixon’s ties with Griselda were a maze of “affection and apprehension”.

Deep Dive into Dixon Trujillo’s Narco Ventures

Young Dixon Trujillo, owing to Griselda’s empire, played a pivotal role in the drug ecosystem. Entrusted with key drug consignments of his mother, Dixon exhibited acumen in managing these operations. But this association with the underworld would also signal his decline.

Griselda's empire

Legal Tangles: Dixon Trujillo’s Incarceration

1985 saw Dixon Trujillo ensnared by the law, facing charges of orchestrating a massive cocaine syndicate. The consequent conviction landed him a 15-year prison stint across several US federal prisons.

Life Beyond Bars: Dixon Trujillo’s Second Act

On his release, Dixon Trujillo sought solace in Colombia, initially keeping a low profile. He later reemerged, adopting carpentry as a profession. With a new family in tow, he aimed for normalcy. Yet, his tumultuous past refused to fade away.

The Tragic End of Dixon Trujillo

2017 marked the brutal assassination of Dixon Trujillo in Medellin, Colombia. As bullets struck him in his vehicle, the underworld possibly claimed one of its own, though the exact reasons remain shrouded in mystery.

A vintage map or aerial view of Medellin, Colombia


The saga of Dixon Trujillo was one riddled with highs and lows. His intricate dynamics with Griselda Blanco was undoubtedly a focal point of his existence. While the drug world afforded him affluence, it also scripted his tragic end.