Data Science. A New Pathway Towards Collaborative Learning.

Every business is incomplete without gathering data. Data plays an important role in running a smooth business. It is the lifeline of any business or startup. What exactly is this data? Whenever people talk about business they talk about data and its collection. Data is nothing but a collective information about people and their likes and dislikes in various aspects. When starting a company, you need to get to know these aspects. Here, data science comes into the picture.

Data Science. A New Pathway Towards Collaborative Learning.

Data science is a field in which you collect this data, sort it, and come up with possible solutions. In data science, different types of methodologies like scientific methods, algorithms etc., are used to extract this information. It has a crucial role, as it helps in setting the wireframe of the company. It is a multidisciplinary field where a lot of research work is required, as we need to identify people’s needs according to the company and study it. A data scientist is responsible for the raw data which is dumped by various sources which he analyses and comes up with a different solution.

It is not a field fully based on software or building new ideas or responsible for infographics or solely marketing. It is a mixture of all of these. It is used to analyze machine fed data statistically and come up with solutions for a good business strategy. They act as the bridge between the software world and the business world. They are expected to be good with research and communication to come up with greater strategies.

A data scientist begins its task by collecting data fed by the machine from various sources. Then they start something called as data munging, which includes extracting data, transforming it and loading it. Then this data is cleaned, where particular data is extracted for further purposes and the other is scrapped as the data fed by the machine is mostly raw and needs to be segregated. The next step is data exploration where the segregated data is explored and analyzed, and algorithms are assembled and ran through. The final data is then assembled in a visually artistic way for planning business strategies and storyboarding etc.

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Data science is an upcoming field which does have a fixed degree, but has a very high demand in the industry. To be a good data scientist you need three main skills – knowledge about statistics, technology like python, R, Java etc., and decent business skills. The statistical or mathematical knowledge is needed for data analyzation and segregation. The engineering knowledge is needed to design those specific algorithms and handling huge amount of data and the business part is to come up with new business solutions to maximize profits.

Data science offers a great career opportunity due to its rising demand. Because of digitization, a million data is fed every second. The competition is rising and companies need great people who can handle as much data as possible to increase their profits. Due to such a huge demand in the market, the pay is also high. To conclude, in a digitized world, data plays a major role and so does a data scientist in order to flourish in any business.

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