Comparing The Case For And Against The Plus Phone Cases

There are a lot of phone cases available on the market. You may come across ones that have an exposed bottom or a few that have a horrible chip just under the home button. The purpose of all phone cases is to protect the phone in case you drop it. A proper protective cover will also help you to claim for insurance in case there is any untoward incident and you have to replace the screen.

Five types of phone case owners

There are different types of phone case owners. You will first need to know which specific category you fall into so that you have the best words to put the reasons into for buying a phone case of specific type after comparing the best iphone 7 plus cases India. Also, You can find at Mobile Mob the latest and best iPhone cases.

Here they are:

  • The first category of users is the case-less people. They hate to make their phones bulky and also dislike the artificial look and feel that these cases provide. They are more used to the ‘natural’ feel of the glass and metal of the iPhone as well as the classic modern design. These people do not bother but prefer carrying a naked phone.
  • The second category of people is the people who want phone cases to protect their phone from any major damages. Since they spent quite a lot of time using their phone talking they are more concerned about the damages rather than the minor scratches. Therefore, they compromise with the tougher and larger phone cases that make the phones heavier and literally very difficult to use.
  • The third group of people sees these cases as useful accessories to show off their style and personality and care two foots for protection. These people typically use their phones to get noticed by others in the circle. However, this kind of approach is much like a double edged knife that cuts both ways. The phone case confiscates the secrecy of the black slab and at the same time attracts the undesired attention of the pickpockets.
  • There is a fourth type of users who like to use a flip-open phone case having a trait of perfectionism. They want to protect their phones from scratches but do not like to kill the feel and experience of the touchscreen with a screen guard. Usually, these people will seldom be able to justify their preference for a flipping case.
  • The last group of people involves the borderline paranoids who cannot stand even the slightest damage or flaws in their precious phones. They are ideally the most intensive phone users and consider their phones as a workhorse that is at par a mobile computer. These people typically prefer those bulky and tough armor cases that will save their phones when and if it falls.
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Therefore, if you want to protect your costly phone, you must choose a strong, sturdy, durable and functional phone case. There is no point investing on a phone case that itself breaks when you drop your phone accidentally even if it is an original Apple case.

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