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Coding Bootcamp: the fastest route to a career in Programming

Coding Bootcamp: the fastest route to a career in Programming

If you are looking to fast-track your career growth as a web developer, enrolling in online coding, Bootcamp is a proven way to achieve that growth. A diverse range of free Bootcamps and paid courses are available on different digital platforms.

Free online coding Bootcamp has surged dramatically in the last couple of years. Due to global digitization and changing work norms, the demand for web developers and software engineers is still growing, irrespective of economic conditions.

Working professionals are willing to switch careers and acquire a job as professional programmers. The most significant advantage you gain is working remotely on a software application and better salary packages.

But how do you choose which Bootcamp is better than the other?

This article begins with the basics of a digital coding program and what aspects you should consider when choosing them. We then highlight the list of top-notch IT Bootcamp that can grow your career.

However, suppose you are an IT professional looking to master cutting-edge web development skills. In that case, the coding Bootcamp by Caltech will help you ace the advanced coding techniques and implement them on hands-on projects.

What is an Online Coding Bootcamp?

These intense training programs equip you with the necessary programming skills in high demand in the market. Consistently updated, they help you focus on the significant aspects of coding and provide you with a capstone project to test your skills.

You don’t necessarily have to be a programmer to take these courses. They are designed to help professionals from a variety of backgrounds. Besides, you can access them remotely, allowing you to learn at your own pace and time.

Best Online Coding Bootcamps

A few of the paid and free Bootcamps are elaborated below:

1. Caltech Coding Bootcamp

It is an industry-specific training program curated by global experts that also offers a capstone project to validate your skills across top companies. Prior work experience is preferred but optional to take up this course. It is ideal for professionals specializing in front-end and back-end application skills. Simplilearn’s award-winning learning model is reflected in its virtual classes focusing on applied learning to create a profound career impact.

2. Udacity

This digital platform provides highly interactive courses that help the students better grasp the programming language’s key concepts. In addition, it has a project review system that gives you detailed feedback on your project quickly. Industry experts from reputed tech companies curate these courses.

3. Fullstack Academy

A unique feature of this Bootcamp is that it requires you to complete four projects in your portfolio by the end. It has a project-based learning structure, including various coding courses focusing on practical concepts and pair programming.

4. Coding Dojo

This coding Bootcamp is renowned for equipping its students with complete full-stack development skills ranging from Python, MERN, and Java. These courses, stretched over 14 weeks, come with lifetime access to their career services that you can use long after graduation.

5. Springboard

This online course stretches for 36 weeks longer than the average program. It is among the best software engineering Bootcamps that comprises front-end and backend development using technologies highly demanded in the industry. For career support, they offer a deferred tuition system, where you can pay an initial deposit to take up the course and pay the remainder after you start working as a web developer.

6. Altacademy

These digital coding boot camps are divided into three courses full-stack, frontend, and backend development. You also get access to mentor meetings available for pre-set hours. They can stretch up to 25 weeks if you take the regular course or up to 50 weeks if you choose to go part-time.

Important aspects to consider when choosing the best online Coding Bootcamp

Due to the broad range of free coding Bootcamp available today, you must choose the right course that aligns with your interests and professional growth. Here are some of the factors to look out for:

1. Duration

Depending on your schedule, you can choose part-time courses that have more flexibility and allow you to learn at your own pace. Or you can take the regular boot camp courses that stretch over an intense period of weeks with a fixed start date and an end date.

If you have a busy day job that demands time commitment, going for the part-time courses is ideal. However, you must be consistent in these courses to emerge with a thorough understanding of the programming course.

2. Career support

Having a dedicated career advisor on board is an excellent way to prepare for a job in the market. Unfortunately, only a few online Bootcamps will provide job assistance. Hence, it is always advised to cross-check the career support options available in the course before deciding. A key factor could be the Bootcamp provider’s network connections, which can be leveraged while you take up the online course.

3. Educational support

Educational support along the course is beneficial if you want to save time and energy while learning from the online platform. When learning from a course remotely, it can be satisfying to fix errors in code, but an intelligent choice is to have someone on board that can tell you if you are on the correct path.

Look for the support hours available across the week and does it suit your time requirements. For example, are any weekly meetings readily available when needed?


Taking up an online Bootcamp can be a reliable and quick way to grow your career into a full-stack web developer. By now, you are well aware of the significance of an online Bootcamp and well equipped to choose depending on your needs and time flexibility.

You can look at the free online coding bootcamps more closely, read about their reviews, get in touch with any of their grad students, and then find the one that suits your career growth needs. Upskilling yourself is the only way to stay consistent in this highly competitive and ever-changing industry.

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