RARGB Proxy – 50 RARGB Mirror Sites & Proxies List

Web Scraping Proxy

Have you ever checked for the proxy sites? If you haven’t: First of all, What is the proxy? Proxy generically could mean a lot of things. Essentially proxy stands for someone/something that stands for someone/something on its behalf without exposing the absence of the real something/someone to the receiver of the action/service. Also, the proxy … Read more

Top 7 WordPress Integrations for B2B Website Optimisation

With 58.55% of the entire internet built on WordPress, it’s an understatement to say that it’s a powerhouse in the world of web development. From teen blogs to enterprise-level companies, websites of all shapes and sizes are based on this completely free content management system. WordPress seems to be very popular with Fortune 500 companies … Read more

5 Things to Consider When Choosing a Gaming Laptop

Looking for a gaming laptop? Good plan. Laptops are more convenient than desktops, even though both have access to millions of games that are cheaper than their console ports. However, how do you choose one? What considerations should you examine before throwing your money at the sales agent and scampering off with childish excitement? There … Read more

Is technology good for children as we think it is?

Children and their private world There was a time when parents and children shared the same space in their homes.  They played together, ate together and watched their favourite show on the TV together. But, as time shows yet again its changing nature, children nowadays show very different attitudes toward their parents and their personal … Read more

Cool Gadgets and Gear for Motorcycles

Most people love to get the best and cool attachments for things they love like house, car, and motorcycle. These add-ons will make it much convenient and more features to the item and motorcycles have plenty of gadgets and gears available. Here are a few gadgets and gear for bikes to add more features to … Read more