Ways to Make Money Using Your Smartphone

Living the life you want isn’t cheap. From necessary monthly expenses to affording things you want, everything comes at a cost. Though having a regular paying job can cover some of these costs, most people find that their salaries simply don’t cut it. Yet, with already hectic schedules and a ton of responsibilities, getting another … Read more

Understanding the Differences Between Agile and DevOps

Confused by DevOps and Agile? Agile refers to a set of practices or frameworks that follows the principle of the Agile Manifesto. It focuses on incremental and iterative methods such as Kanban or Scrum. The core values of Agile entails better customer collaboration, enhanced interaction over tools and processes, and continuous integration. On the other … Read more

How to Get the Best Phones at Affordable Prices?

Smartphones have grown in importance since they were introduced in the market. They are now used for both personal and business purposes, making them one among the essential devices. However, getting a high-quality phone is a challenge to many due to the high prices. Most people are, therefore, forced to purchase cheap models that eventually … Read more

Cellular vs IP Monitoring – Which One is Better?

There’s no denying that conventional security systems are slowly phasing out and are being replaced by smart home security systems that have a lot more functionalities and options. Moreover, they make your home a significantly safer place to live. A conventional system is pretty closed and has no way of communicating with the outdoors, but … Read more

Tips for childproofing your gadgets

1. Set-up parental control Almost every operating system comes with a built-in parental control option. Parental control allows you to put your device in restricted mode and block sites that you don’t want your kids to open. Always set up internet safety controls in your devices before giving them to your kid. This will prevent … Read more