Juicy Truth On MicroGaming Jackpots

Juicy Truth On MicroGaming Jackpots

If you have ever played online casino games then, you may know the excitement about this. Microgaming is at the top of the list. Since it’s first time launched, Microgaming jackpots have created so many millionaires. Despite the global pandemic and the fatal calamity of the economic structure of every country, Microgaming makes everyone’s dream … Read more

PS5 Vs. PS4 – Should You Buy Now or Wait?

PS5 Vs. PS4 - Should You Buy Now or Wait?

The PlayStation 4 has been leading the gaming console for some years now, and their new console PS5 is around the corner. It was scheduled to release around march this year, but due to global pandemic crisis, PS5 has been shifted for release until December 2020 if all is well of course. Who knows! they … Read more

Why Good Casino Gaming Content Is Very Crucial and How You Can Choose the Best?

One of the most important parts in gambling project development is choosing and integration of suitable gaming content. While picking games for online casinos, operators should pay attention to the target audience of the particular platform, quality of games, preferences and paying capacity and also popularity of the particular content creator. In this blog, you … Read more

Addictive Mobile Rhythm Games

Rhythm games started on consoles and were made popular by the likes of Guitar Hero and Dance Dance Revolution. These days, rhythm games on consoles have significantly died down and they have found a new home in mobile devices instead. This genre of games challenges a player’s sense of rhythm and they usually focus on … Read more

Riot Games Offers $100,000 Bounties to Find Valorant Exploits

Vanguard, the expansive anti-cheating system which Riot Games is using in their upcoming competitive shooter Valorant, has been attracting attention on social media and video game forums recently for both good and bad reasons. On the one hand, the system could be extremely good at preventing cheating, while on the other, some have voiced concerns … Read more