Carden Token (CDN) Price Prediction

Carden Token (CDN) Price Prediction

Is it a meme token? Is it a copy of some other project? Does it have competitor like Shiba Inu has Dogecoin?

The answer in short is NO. Yes of course today you have few interesting projects in crypto world in E-commerce part, but we didn’t see Token with unique set of vision like Carden.

Pre-sale will last for 4 weeks, they already have some funds from big investment companies. NDA is forbidding them to go public with the names but some little bird told us that this is the crypto that will be tweeted by Elon Musk.

We have unofficial information that the first company to try their unique currency exchanging protocol will be Tesla. The one of idea is to make a virtual e-shop where any user with VR googles will be able to see Tesla models in virtual world and even try out their functions. Drive it a little bit in VR and decide what to purchase. Backend behind it will be Carden. And also you will be able to pay in Carden.
Imagine buying it on presale for just as little as 0.05 $ and put in 1000$, and then month or two later buy Tesla Model S with as little as 1000%, because prediction are that this coin will be worth 100-200 times than initial offering.

What is CARDEN (CDN) ?

Carden Token is E-commerce platform for cryptocurrency holders for purchasing real world goods and services.
The platform will except Carden accept real world coins like Bitcoin, Ethereum and Ripple at launch.
Carden token will be primary and only token accepted for buying goods and services. Our proprietary currency carden exchange protocol (CCEP) will find the best rates for conversion to Carden token automatically and exchange Bitcoin, Ethereum and Ripple to Carden token.

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Carden pay will be integrated on blockchain payment gateway, connecting retail and e-commerce payments. That way CARDEN delivers lowest rates compared to traditional payment gateways

Carden is ready to become legend of Kraken and
Official Twitter Page: Carden Token Twitter Page

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