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Can You Beat Roulette – Let’s Find Out Right Now

Can You Beat Roulette – Let’s Find Out Right Now

Is it possible to beat roulette?

So, the question remains – can you actually beat roulette? Many people have differing opinions, but the experts at Roulette77 can give you a straight answer – no, you cannot. Does this mean you shouldn’t try winning money by playing roulette?

Not at all! You can win money from this game, and this is what is important. Beating roulette is a bit of an exaggeration. People often tend to think in extremes – you either can or cannot beat roulette, right?

But how many people ask themselves whether they can actually make money off roulette? Once again, the answer here is not really straightforward. This depends on whether you are playing European roulette or online casinos with live American roulette, for example. Today, we will give you some reasons why making money off roulette is possible – and theoretically, beating it to, providing you know when to stop playing!

#1 Play Smart, Play Slow

The first advice we feel like sharing is that you need to pace yourself when playing roulette. After all, this is a game of unique and specific challenges. You need to know how to approach it and do so smartly and responsibly. That is why you should not really bet big when you are only getting to start with roulette.

So, you are essentially going to bet small amounts because this is the best way to familiarize yourself with a game of roulette. You don’t need to get sucked in what others do – many players tend to bet big amounts because they have some superstition that doesn’t work at all, and you need to be pragmatic in order to “beat” the game.

#2 Pick a Strategy and Use It Cleverly

Next, you need to pick a strategy and start using it cleverly. You don’t want to actually play too long using the same strategy. Rather, you want to make sure that you have won some money and then stop playing. Why do so? Because strategies are going to run out of luck sooner or later.

So you are trying not so much to spend the next 10 hours beating roulette, but rather keep your sessions short – down to about one hour and playing based on a specific betting model that is known to work in some of the cases. Of course, you also need to anticipate when you have turned a bit of bad luck and stop at the time.

The same goes for when you start winning. You may be $500 ahead in your bankroll, but this doesn’t mean that your luck will keep true. Rather, you need to stop right there and enjoy your pickings!

#3 Don’t Believe Superstitions

Many guides will tell you that there is an almost magic way to beat the game, but there is no such thing, to begin with. That is why you need to be smart about roulette and make the most out of your experience.

Don’t believe that some lucky charm is going to guarantee or advance your gameplay any further than your knowledge of the game would. You need to stay on top of your game by leveraging knowledge and not relying on random luck.

Of course, luck is all there is to a game of roulette, but you can calibrate your own play style to anticipate for at least part of these events and situations.

#4 Remember to Have Fun

Caught in trying to “beat” roulette, many players forget the most important thing – having fun. Having fun is crucial for you to enjoy a healthy game of roulette regardless of the outcome. So, whatever it is that you do next, remember that roulette is about having fun.

Go easy at your games but focus on making smart decisions and take a loss a little less severely. After all, you have done all that you could – the rest is sheer randomness.

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