Can I Use My Old Antenna and Enjoy HD on My TV?

It can be a great way to save money to cut the cable. A lot of great content, from outlets including YouTube, Netflix, iTunes, and others, is accessible through the Internet. Yet there will be moments where, whether for breaking coverage and updates or only local programming, you’ll skip your local outlets. Your house can already have a medium or big TV antenna mounted in the attic or on the roof if you live in a rural area (or a busy urban area) where rabbit-ears just won’t cut it. But the answer is yes, your old antenna is going to fit for new digital TV. With an old VHF / UHF antenna, you will enjoy an HDTV. You don’t need to buy pricey HDTV equipment as long as your TV is HD and is wired to a powerful antenna. The mikeharrisaerialandsatellite are will help you in getting HD result on the old Antenna.

Old Antenna and Enjoy HD on My TV

What You Will Require

You will require some hand tools, depending on the construction of your house and other considerations. But you’ll only need two things for the antenna wiring itself, if you don’t know how then you may contact aerialandsatelliteexpress for this task:

  • A balun
  • A RG6 coaxial cable length

A balun is a system that transforms between a signal that is not balanced and a balanced one. It transforms an existing 300-ohm twin-lead wire to a new 75-ohm coaxial wire for TV wiring. You should easily use a balun if you have established twin-lead wiring running to your Screen. Coaxial, otherwise, normally keeps up well.


  • The first step before the antenna is attached to the TV is to get to the antenna. Attic antennas are easier to reach however there are no floorboards in our deck. A pre-amplifier could be required under the right conditions to improve the signal.
  • The TV cable runs down the chimney, into the cool air and back into the cellar. The cable is then redirected to the TV through the roof and the crawl room. The TV wire is attached to the cable box in the basement through a narrow opening in the rear of the TV.
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