Can a smartwatch replace a smartphone?

With the Multi-Device option, the new Apple Watch Series 3 and Huawei Watch 2 work independently. This means that they do not need to be permanently connected to a smartphone, unlike other smart watches. But a smart watch could it replace the smartphone on a daily basis?

During my first trip to the pool, I noticed that this summer will be different from the previous one. Thanks to the smart watch, which you can keep on your wrist, you do not have to worry about your mobile phone anymore! While smart watch models have been a limited smartphone extension, the Apple Watch Series 3 and Huawei Watch 2 can also be used as standalone devices with which you can call, surf the net, chat and more.

A feat made possible thanks to the Multi-Device option. With this technology, the main SIM card remains in the mobile phone, but other devices can be equipped with an additional SIM (embedded SIM, or SIM) card using the same mobile phone number. How do these stand-alone watches replace the smartphone? We tested the Apple Watch Series 3 and the Huawei Watch 2 for a week leaving our smartphone at home.

Day 1: totally dissociated

You must be able to take on yourself to leave the house with empty pockets. The iPhone is stored, and all tasks that are usually incumbent upon him will be entrusted to the Apple Watch. A glance at the weather app announces good weather and I’m looking in the timetable application the train that will leave the platform number 5 in 15 minutes. On the days when I go to work by train, I normally buy my ticket on my smartphone during the trip. But that does not work with the clock: neither the application of SBB nor that of the local transport community makes it possible to buy a ticket with a smartwatch.

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Day 2: Fortunately, Siri always accompanies me

The temptation is great to take the iPhone. But he will still stay home today. On the first incoming call, the Apple Watch vibrates on the wrist and sounds a ring. As I do not have the Airpods on hand at this time, I take the call directly on the watch. With the wrist at the height of the face, the voice of the interlocutor emitted by the speaker is certainly understandable, but this way of calling the K 2000 is not too much my thing. So I decide to use the Bluetooth hands-free kit for future calls.

The selection of registered contacts and the dialing of numbers on the small on-screen keyboard of the watch work surprisingly well, but all these manipulations would surely be more comfortable on the smartphone than on the 1.5-inch screen. I, therefore, more and more request voice assistance, able to understand the commands for various functions, to select phone numbers in the directory or to write SMS under the dictation. The Huawei Watch 2, used in turn with the Apple Watch, also masters these same features. While the Apple Watch can only be used with the iPhone, the Huawei Watch can connect to both Android devices and the iPhone.

The touch control of the Huawei watch is acceptable, but far from offering the same comfort as on the mobile phone.

Day 3: Jogging without dead weight

Autonomous smart watches reveal their true assets when jogging during the lunch break. Without a smartphone in the pocket or on the arm, I feel freer and lighter to run. I am still reachable, I record the race with a training application and I listen to streaming music from Apple Music on the mobile network. To save battery life, however, it is recommended to first load the music on the watch from the mobile phone, rather than using streaming for a long time. While the Apple Watch offers 16 GB of memory, the Huawei Watch is only 4 GB.

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However sophisticated a smartwatch is, for me, it cannot completely replace the convenience of a smartphone, just as it cannot replace the luxury image offered by a luxury watch like the Rolex explorer ii.

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