Brooklyn Zeta Crump: Growing Up With Famous Parents

Brooklyn Zeta Crump, a ten-year-old girl, is already gaining public attention, and the reason behind it is quite interesting.

Brooklyn Zeta Crump

Personal Background

Born in 2012, Brooklyn Zeta Crump is the daughter of renowned American lawyer Benjamin Crump and Dr. Angelique Crump, a program specialist with the Florida Department of Education. Unfortunately, the specifics of her birth date remain undisclosed to the public.

Residing with her parents in their North Californian home in Lumberton, Brooklyn’s family is often seen in photographs demonstrating their close-knit relationship. Although they maintain a low profile, her parents are not hesitant to express their affection for each other publicly.

Brooklyn’s Education and Potential Career

There is scant information regarding Brooklyn’s educational journey as her family prefers to keep it private. Nevertheless, it’s presumed that she’s investing a significant amount of effort in her studies. With such dedicated parents as role models, it’s expected she will excel in her chosen path in the future.

Career Profiles of Her Parents

Benjamin Crump, Brooklyn’s father, is a distinguished civil rights and catastrophic personal injury lawyer in the United States, specializing in wrongful death cases. His professional engagements have included cases related to the Flint water crisis, Trayvon Martin, Michael Brown, and George Floyd.

Benjamin Crump’s prominent legal work has included representation for the families of Ahmaud Arbery, Breonna Taylor, George Floyd, and Jacob Blake in 2020. In 2021, he took up the cases of a passenger in Winston Boogie Smith’s car and the Wright family. The high-profile nature of these cases has elevated his public recognition as a prominent attorney.

In contrast, Brooklyn’s mother, Angelique Crump, shares her daughter’s preference for a lower public profile. Beyond being the spouse of a famous lawyer, she holds degrees in law, leadership, and business administration. Her credentials in medicine have not been substantiated, leading to the presumption that she may hold a Ph.D.

Net Worth of Brooklyn Zeta Crump’s Parents

Although Brooklyn Zeta Crump, being a child, has no personal income, she is fortunate to have affluent parents with successful careers. Her mother’s net worth is approximated at $1 million.

Her father, Benjamin Crump, also known as ‘Black America’s Attorney General’, boasts an illustrious career as one of the most prosperous African American lawyers. His career has enabled him to amass significant wealth, which includes an array of luxury possessions, from high-end watches to cars. His net worth in 2022 was estimated at $180 million.

Closing Thoughts

Despite her tender age, Brooklyn Zeta Crump faces the inevitable reality that her father’s fame will affect her ability to lead an average child’s life. As she matures, how she navigates the fame that comes with being the offspring of a renowned parent will ultimately be up to her.