Broadband Suppliers in Portrush: Reasons to Use A Local Company

With many of us currently working from home, having a good internet connection and single is extremely important. This is why many internet users consider a broadband supplier to strengthen and broaden their bandwidth.

Using a bandwidth of 100-200 Mbps are okay, considering you are only using it for general internet use. But if you need to stream multiple videos, hold conference calls with multiple users, or transfer large files, then it just won’t do. Investing in speeds higher than 200 Mbps and even going up to 1,000 Mbps is important for the efficiency of your job. For this reason, many people are opting for broader and faster broadband service providers. Learn more about broadband here:

If you live in Portrush, you might want to consider hiring a company that is local instead of looking beyond the borders. Here are a few reasons why:

  1. Supporting Local Business

Supporting local businesses that are trying to grow in Portrush is great. This means that you will have a direct impact on your area’s economy and growth. You will be circulating your own money back into the community by supporting a local business.

This isn’t just good for your community right now, but also to ensure a much more economically secure future.

  1. No Overhead Costs

When users buy services from nationally renowned broadband providers they will be paying much more. Sure, the brand is more popular and well known. This means that you will not only be paying for the services but also for all other overhead costs.

Even though it doesn’t say so on the invoice, you will be paying for marketing, regional and corporate management, and other expenses that the bigger corporation has to undergo.

Locally owned companies have none of these costs since they only operate in the area. Read this article to learn more about overheads and what you actually pay for when hiring a larger company.

  1. Excellent Customer Service

Local broadband service providers operate only in the area. This means that they have a smaller client base, giving their customer service team a better chance to perform at a high quality. Smaller companies have to work much harder to achieve great success than large corporations. They usually have much more intimate training and can keep a closer eye on customer service agent’s performance.

In many cases, you’ll be actually speaking to one of the owners or their trusted administration. Meaning that the client service will be of a much higher quality as well.

Excellent Customer Service

  1. Environmentally Friendly

Not having to make long commutes have a much better impact on the environment. Huge corporations usually have technicians and transporters driving around the entire country, which means their carbon footprint is very high.

Local broadband suppliers will dispatch technicians close to your home which means they won’t have to drive as far. When they drive less, there are less pollution, less traffic, lower impact on infrastructure, and a much lower carbon footprint.

  1. Quick Installation

No business can function without access to fast working internet. When you use broadband in Portrush instead of using a nationally owned company, you’ll receive on site service much faster. Installation technicians are probably close by and they can start the installation process in less than 48 hours.

This means that you’ll be up and running in no time, ready to continue important work. Compared to national competitors that can take up weeks or months to reach your area.

You might wonder whether a local company has the same expertise as a larger company. What makes a local company much better is that there aren’t as many moving parts or as many people involved. When there aren’t as many divisions or offices, the company is much more organized.

Instead of a nationally owned company that has 20% high level experts and 80% mid-range. You’ll receive a much higher percentage of high level experts in a smaller company.

Considering a local broadband supplier instead of using a nationally owned company will hold many benefits for you. Not only will you support local and have an impact on your own community, but you’ll also receive high quality customer service and quick installation.