Best Tools for Finding Influencers in Social Media

Best Tools for Finding Influencers in Social Media

Influencer marketing has not only achieved trustworthiness of the brands, but at the same time has evolved as the best approach for an effective marketing campaign. The popularity of the marketing strategy has gone several folds and report says that more than 90% of the consumers have a blind faith on the influencers’ recommendations. Needless to say, the marketing budget for influencer marketing has shown a sleek growth in recent time and expected to grow rapidly in the coming years. This newest and hottest market trend can benefit even small brands to get hold of dedicated audiences in any niche. The power of such marketing technique is so logical that even less exciting products find out a way to reach the customers. Selection of influencer marketing tool has a deep impact behind the right approach of marketing, and thus here is a list of Best tools for influencers that will help you:

  1. Awario

Awario, a social listening tool, helps in figuring out influencers through monitoring keywords on various social media platforms as well as websites and blogs. The keyword specific search works here in this process. For instance, if you wish to promote a tech-based brand through social media platforms then you have to enlist the keywords that are more often used in the tech-based industry. Now place them on Awario and it will quickly analyse the sites and articles with that keyword. The final result will help in finding an author in that specific industry. A ranking is created on the influencers, which depends on the reach and followers, based on the source available. The flexibility you get through this tool will help you to find out the influencers for your brand specific promotion in a strategic manner.

  1. Traackr

Traackr is a very old and well-recognised marketing tool, which came live during 2008 and is still working excellent. The best part of this influencer marketing tool is that that it has its own database. This database can be used to filter the insights of influencers according to their age, bio, location, gender, language and so on. It can further filter influencers according to their brand empathies through specific keyword. You can even add an influencer in the list if it is not there in the pre-existing database. The algorithm is still so unique and gets updated at every point of time. Traackr is not only a search based marketing tool, it aims to create a relationship with the influencers. So, you can prepare your customized list once you are able to differentiate the relevant influencers you selected from social media platform.

  1. Followerwonk

This Twitter analytical tool is used to pick out prominent influencers in Twitter. The keyword-based search helps in analysing the impactful profiles on Twitter. However, the search is independent of tweets. The comparison between the twitter accounts is the prime feature of this influencer marketing tool. The comparison shows a result of audience by analysing the twitter followers and subdivides them according to the location and bio.

  1. BuzzSumo

The prime objective of BuzzSumo is to work on two different segments. The first one is on content creation and the second one is to strengthen the strategy of influencer marketing. The social media data is used by this specific tool to diagnose the content trend and lead the process to find a potential influencer. You can discovery top performers in content creation by analysing the standard contents. Also, you can prepare your own strategy in influencer marketing through the influencers. On the other hand, this tool monitors the profiles and tweets on Twitter based on the given keyword and distinguish the nature of Twitter accounts based on their type.

  1. Kelar

This tool is used to search out influencers through analysing piled up social data. This tool is dedicatedly prepared to work significantly on influencer marketing. During the marketing campaigns this special featured tool assists you to monitor the competitors and learn the secret behind their success. Interestingly, Kelar, with the help of unique algorithm and advanced machine learning techniques, helps in segregating the audiences into more than 60,000 categories. This fast-analysing ability makes it different from others as this tool can drag out data from millions of pre-existing data. The best part of this tool is its filtration process, through which you can separate your needful information very smoothly. Analysing myriad of useful information from these driven data and reaching out to the influencers is now a matter of no time!

  1. BuzzStream

BuzzStream is a link-building tool significantly used to discover influencers. This tool assists you throughout the process of influencer marketing. Besides, discovering the overall profile of the influencers on social media platform, it also helps you to add them in the prospect list. So, for a specific campaign you can unlock the list and pick out influencers accordingly. The tool also keeps a track on the outreach and updates you through system generated follow-ups.

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