Best Marketing Tools To Mark Your Position In The Market

Best Marketing Tools To Mark Your Position In The Market

The number of small and medium-scale enterprises is rapidly increasing, with more and more entrepreneurs penetrating the corporate realm. Did you know that around 80% of businesses fail to survive the first 18 months of their existence? It’s true because very few businesses succeed at refining and cultivating a competitive edge to ensure their survival. So, how are marketing tools related to survival and profitability?

Today, businesses compete in a strikingly different arena, and ignoring digital marketing mediums puts a company at a severe disadvantage. Digital marketing mediums and tools are instrumental in achieving brand recognition, success, and growth. Regardless of the industry, a multifaceted and interactive marketing plan allows businesses to leverage digital media power effectively.

Search engine optimization (SEO), social media marketing, email marketing, and content creation drive traffic to generate sales and increase profitability. But as a small business, resources are limited, and marketing budgets are pitifully small.

Should you hire a marketing expert or outsource the advertising needs of your startup? Here’s a better idea: why not invest in the right tools to streamline and automate your marketing chores? Keep reading to explore some of the best marketing tools to enhance your market position and profitability.

1.    MailChimp: Email Marketing Tool

Email marketing remains an effective traditional medium to connect with your audience on a personal level. Today, email marketing is powered with innovative tools and personalization to offer consumers exactly what they desire. It is a popular email marketing tool used by over 80% of B2B businesses to win over consumer trust.

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With this tool, you can revamp your email marketing strategies and explore new content ideas, like ebooks, brochures, and listicles. It is wise to invest in a really cool software to create interactive ebooks and brim your emails with immersive content. An email marketing content will only bring in results if the content is engaging, regardless of how innovative your software.

2.    Sprout Social: Digital Marketing Tools

Are you struggling to keep up with all your digital marketing strategies and content creation needs? Many notable small and large businesses use various innovative solutions by Sprout Social. It’s a digital engagement and social media management tool, making it easier to connect with your audience. With Sprout Social, engaging with existing customers and acquiring new customers becomes relatively more straightforward. Its functionalities and features allow businesses to expand their social media reach and generate more specific targeting leads.

Today, social media users are much more vigilant about authenticity and transparency while connecting with brands online. Social Sprout is a dynamic tool to manage your social media audience and build a distinctive brand image to stand out.

3.    Trello: Project Management Tool

Most small businesses with remote employees struggle with project management, managing deadlines, and ensuring timely project completion. Trello is a popular project management tool, and it’s improved and innovated amazingly over the years. It makes content and digital marketing much more effective and streamlined by creating a well-organized schedule. It creates accountability and creates a sense of discipline in team members by highlighting deadlines and streamlining all delegated tasks. It helps managers save time and effort and avoid miscommunications and unnecessary delays. For instance, you can share article topics and keywords for all your writers, who can post the task in Trello. You can then communicate your feedback, ask for revisions, or the team member responsible for publishing can publish the article.

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Trello is an excellent collaboration and project management tool, and it also allows efficient communication to prevent confusion.

4.    Facebook’s Power Editor: Advertising Tool

Most businesses make the mistake of creating random ads and increasing their spending instead of optimizing their campaigns. Flooding your customer with ads will get you their attention, but it won’t help make an inspiring brand identity.

Facebook offers its built-in tool to help businesses create hyper-specific and interactive advertising campaigns. The Power Editor is a dynamic tool and part of Facebook’s policies to innovate its ad platform. This tool introduces businesses to some excellent targeting and budgeting features to generate more high-quality leads.

If you’re starting with Facebook ads for your startup, the Power Editor is a must-have tool. It doesn’t require any third-party payments or hidden costs and makes it easier to manage your campaigns effectively. Payments and budgeting features allow impressive transparency and extensive customization for targeting parameters.

The best part is, it won’t blow your advertising budget out of proportion!

5.    Google Analytics: Data Analytics Tool

Analytics is instrumental in pulling valuable and actionable insights to drive the success of your digital marketing campaign. In 2021, it plays a crucial role in driving marketing success, generating leads, and overcoming weaknesses. Google Analytics is a viable and free digital marketing tool for small businesses to enhance their website experience. It takes a few minutes to set it up on your website. Once done, it will allow you to track every visitor’s user activity and experience. You can examine this data and identify reasons that encouraged them to buy or leave their cart. These insights will help you address weaknesses and disruption to offer a seamless, interactive, and immersive user experience.

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Most marketers misregard Google Analytics as a traffic analysis tool. But it’s much more and has a powerful impact on your overall marketing strategy. It allows you to examine where you’re pulling a significant chunk of your traffic from. You can identify the most effective social media platforms and increase your spending on those platforms.


Small business owners often complain about spending enormously and failing to enjoy the returns they expected. It is pertinent to note that spending isn’t the only factor that guarantees marketing success. A robust and dynamic digital marketing strategy requires creativity, immersive content, quality propositions, and consistency. An enormous budget will help you capture attention, but this attention will only damage your brand image without quality content. The marketing tools mentioned above help businesses tap into the deeper dynamics of search engine algorithms and audience targeting strategies.

Why should you use any of these tools? To obtain actionable insights that allow you to perfect your marketing strategy and enjoy the results you seek. These tools will help you create highly targeted, creative, and well-organized campaigns with considerable ease.

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