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Best Antivirus Software 2018 for Windows 7, 8 and 10

Best Antivirus Software

Good antivirus software is an inestimable tool for keeping your laptop and PC, security of your relatives, family and friends safe from hackers, your personal information which is needed to be confidential and computer architect so get a best antivirus software 2018. The damage which a single virus can do is eye-popping. Nowadays, viruses are that much capable that they can do everything from sending personal information like bank account number, credit or debit card number. They can also identify the thieves who are turning your computer into drudge that will send out sales call messages, attack different websites or can do anything else the one who makes virus wants to do.

Above that, viruses are computed to inquire out your contact numbers and they also try to affect them as well. If any virus infected your computer, then everyone who is in your touch will be receiving an E-mail or any message which also contain a virus that you got. If we want to protect our computer with viruses then we have to purchase anti-virus software which will help us.

There are many anti-viruses available for us. Some of them are presented here:


KASPERSKYIn 2009 Kaspersky is found to be the best anti-virus. Out of 200 files, it detected 198 of them with zero false positives. Along with Kaspersky, some other anti-viruses are also tested. Those are Norton and Webroot. Be sure to see MyDealsClub.coms discounts and deals on Kaspersky for an instant $20off or more when you subscribe ”

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Out of 35 Kaspersky detected 35, Norton detected 33 and Webroot detected 35. Therefore, Kaspersky is considered to be the best anti-virus software in 2009. Best free antivirus.

2. Symantec (Norton)

It is the best anti-virus in present time. Everyone should purchase this software because it keeps your computer in the best condition. This anti-virus is the only one which gives removal tool for a particular virus.

This one is the only anti-virus which shows that the links are risky or not. This software can also scan apps on Google Play Store which you are watching even before clicking on install.


eset smart securityThis anti-virus is very fast. It doesn’t slow down your computer, unlike Norton or Casper sky. It also gives daily updates to keep your system protected from the virus.

After using this anti-virus, we can easily surf on the internet without any fear; even we can visit the websites who have high virus alert just because of ESET.

4. Quick Heal 

Quick Heal Quick Heal comes in top five anti-virus software. This anti-virus has a unique technique that it can detect any kind of virus which is there on earth.

It also provides us daily automatic updates if you have an online network and if not then you can recover the files from anywhere like Cyber Cafes and even from your home. It is very comfortable for your computer and it also gives your system full protection from viruses.

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5. Avast Software

Avast SoftwareThis software has heuristics, sandbox, 7 screens and multiple updates daily. It detects c 98{3af80a6369225ea13856b8815212f1036871c006a864efffbb57257dbec3daf7} of viruses in PC security in 2013 test. 500 viruses were used in the test.

Avast scored 98.2{3af80a6369225ea13856b8815212f1036871c006a864efffbb57257dbec3daf7} and Bit defender scored 98.6{3af80a6369225ea13856b8815212f1036871c006a864efffbb57257dbec3daf7}. It is the best anti-virus in the world.

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6. BitDefender

BitDefenderRecently BitDefender considered being the best anti-virus as it gets highest marks for detection and ejection of various viruses. It also aware us about threats of viruses.

It has the highest protection marks and is considered better than Kaspersky and Norton. Many anti-virus companies believe that BitDefender is the best anti-virus software.  Best free antivirus. For downloading latest 2018 software visit Download Free Software.

7. McAfee 

McAfee Many anti-virus software is installed and some of them failed to recognize and to remove viruses. But McAfee when installed, It detected all viruses in the first scan and removed all viruses. It identified Trojans and Malware viruses and removed both of them in the first attempt.

This anti-virus software is costly but it is worth all the money which we spent on it. Its specialty is that it tells us that the website is infected by virus or not. It also makes our system faster. It is a lightweight and very powerful anti-virus software. Kaspersky slows down the system but McAfee doesn’t.

8. AVG

 AVGIt catches all the viruses very easily. It has good probing protection in both Generic and Behavioral. It is an anti-Root kit module. It can fight with all viruses very silently.

It cleans every chip of viruses. It is very good anti-virus software, everyone should try this.


Antiviruses are essential in getting rid of viruses that we download from the on-going surfing. But while the virus is being removed, they on their way out damage our files which are at that moment unprotected. Whether an average anti-virus or the best as mentioned above, such problem would exist until you do something about it. Hence, using tools like folder lock for easy password protection and encryption of files is the solution over here where your data when encrypted won’t feel any change whether you remove a virus or even install (unintentionally) a virus through surfing, your data stays safe when encrypted.

As you can read above that these all are the best antiviruses that can protect you from all kind of virus. Use these and keep your gadgets protected. If you need any kind of help of more information about any of the antivirus please let us know. Hope you liked the article, please give us suggestions in the comment section so that we can improve ourselves more and keep helping you. Keep visiting the website.

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