Best ACNH Tips & Tools – Get Villagers Out, Island Planners & More

There are plenty of beginner guides in Animal Crossing New Horizons to help players catch up to the decades of experience that fans have gained. Now we’ll show you how to drive a villager out, as well as island planners and hybrid flower breeding guides that are 100 percent accurate.

1.All the turnip information you’ll ever need to buy low and sell big.

In New Horizons, the turnip game appears to have experienced a significant inflation. For something less than a 500 ACNH bell sale price, people can hardly get out of bed. That may be due to the fact that there have never been so many fan-made tools for predicting and even exchanging the best turnip prices.

The first is Turnip Calculator, which provides a beautifully simplified graph showing your promised minimum as well as forecasting your island’s maximum for that week. It’s worth noting, though, that it only goes up to around 400, so it doesn’t account for the actions of God that result in people paying high prices of 500-600. If you’re a betting woman, however, we recommend the Turnip Prophet, which offers a similar service with far more granular probability details.

However, if everything else fails, try the Turnip Exchange. It’s here that people who can afford those outrageous prices can form queues to provide players with Dodo Codes, which give them access to the lucky island. It’s worth noting that all of them expect tips and presents, and some even employ guards to ensure that nothing goes wrong.

Is it possible for the Dow Joan’s turnip market to rebound from insider trading? If the GIF above is any indication, Daisy Mae is expressing her displeasure with it loud and clear.

2. When it comes to hybrid flowers, only data-mined guides can be used.

If you thought Animal Crossing was just a simple game about building a cute village, you haven’t seen New Horizons’ hell of breeding hybrid flowers. In the new game, it’s become noticeably more difficult. Every walkthrough has different, if not flat-out contradictory facts, making it far from simple as using the first how-to guide you googled.

However, unless you have a degree in biology or genetics, your best bet for breeding those unusual flowers will still be guides based on data mined from the game’s coding (that means it was lifted from the coding itself). This ultimate guide, as well as this Google Doc and Spreadsheet, are specifically recommended. (Though it does have a nice set of infographics.)

In this situation, Reddit users are more likely than other gaming media outlets to get it right. A clear way to tell the difference between a good guide and a bad one is whether or not it considers genotype (the flower’s genetic traits). You may want to look at some of the unique flower plots that people have posted to see which routes are the most effective.

3. Use your IRL phone to communicate with friends who are visiting your island.

Using the Nintendo Switch’s chat to interact in Animal Crossing is a nightmare. That’s why you can download the Nintendo Switch Online app (for iPhone or Android) and link it to your game through Nook Link (you’ll also need to do this to download custom QR code patterns, which we’ll go over later).

You can now write as you usually would and have it appear as speech above your head in the game.

4. These tools and websites will help you improve your ACNH custom designs.

Getting custom design patterns for clothing, paintings, or floor patterns (for free!) can really add some personality to your island. There are a plethora of resources available to help you do so.

AC Patterns serves as a one-stop shop for the majority of your custom design requirements. It has a large set of patterns that you can search or add your own to. The editor in AC Patterns also allows you to transform any picture on your computer into a QR code, which you can then upload into the game.

5. The most effective method for persuading villagers to evacuate quickly.

Begin by speaking with all of the villagers you enjoy and wish to hold on your island. Talking to the people you want to leave is not a good idea. Set the clock exactly one month into the future to time travel (that is, save, close the game application, go to device settings on your Switch, and turn off syncing with your time zone). Restart the game and see if any of your villagers have a thought bubble over their heads, which indicates that they’re thinking about leaving. If you want to stay with a villager, make sure you talk them out of it.

Best ACNH Tips & Tools

If none of the villagers you want to leave have thought bubbles, go back a day (talking to the ones you want to stay and avoiding the ones you don’t). Repeat until your island is free of uggos and the deed is complete.