Benefits of Using Google for Business Gmail

Emails are an integral channel for communicating with customers, suppliers, other businesses, and all parties that are relevant to your company. This explains why you need the best email client for Mac if you are running Mac OS, and the best client for PC if you are using Windows operating system.

There are, however, some clients that cut across all operating system. A perfect example of such a service is Google’s Gmail for Business. Its standout feature is that you do not have to change your current email address to use it.

Here are the benefits of using Google’s Gmail for Business platform.

Email Account Ownership

Companies usually assign email addresses to their staff. With other email services, your employee owns the address, meaning that your clients can still reach them even after they leave your company.

Gmail for Business gives you total control over employee email addresses. If they leave your company, you can change their password and forward the messages in their inbox to another address. You also have full access to their email history.

Email Account Ownership

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File Ownership

Since Gmail for Business is a component of the G Suite, it means that you have ownership of the documents, spreadsheets, and slides created by your staff.

Google Drive, which is also a part of the G Suite, is an excellent cloud storage platform. You can enforce a directive that requires your employees to back up local files on the company’s Google Drive. This gives you ownership and allows for easy access to critical information.

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Quick Document Sharing

Gmail for Business leverages the powerful document-sharing capabilities of the G Suite. For instance, you can share a document with your employees and give them view-only access. There is also an option that allows them to view and edit.

Quick Document Sharing

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Group Email Addresses

If you have an email account such as, you can easily route emails sent to that address to multiple addresses and customer service systems. The best thing about this feature is that it is free of charge, and you can add an unlimited number of email addresses.

Multiple Email Aliases

Gmail for Business allows you to create multiple email aliases for a single user. For example, if you have an employee called Mark James, his three email aliases would be,, and

If you own multiple domain names, you can create an address for each of them. For example, you could have and alongside the aliases mentioned earlier.

Spacious Storage Solution

Unlike standard Gmail, which offers 15GB storage space, the basic version of Gmail for Business gives you 30GB storage. If you require more space, there are several other options.

Excellent Security Features

The standout security feature offered by Gmail for Business is two-factor authentication. It works by sending a verification code to a previously registered number when someone attempts to sign in using an unknown device. If you are unable to access your phone, you have to provide one of back up codes that you get when setting up this feature.

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Two-factor authentication is particularly useful if you are using Google Drive as your primary cloud storage solution. It guarantees the security of your company information because people who have the verification codes can only access it.

You can make two-factor authentication either mandatory or optional for your users.

CRM Integration

CRM platforms are useful for tracking customers’ interactions with your company. The majority of CRM solutions in the market integrate seamlessly with Gmail for Business. Besides, Google Calendar, Google Contacts, Google Drive, and Google Sheets ate all compatible with popular CRM software.

Single Sign-in to Third-party Business Platforms

You can configure your Gmail for Business account credentials such that you use them to log into third-party marketing platforms such as Marketo, DocuSign, Slack, and Salesforce. This saves time, as you do not have to re-type usernames and passwords every time you want to access such resources.

Personalized Branding

You can easily personalize your Gmail for Business account to display the logo of your company across all services in the G Suite. The logo usually appears on the top-right corner of the screen.

Excellent Support

Another advantage that Gmail for Business has over standard Gmail is continual support. You can reach the support center through chat, email, and phone at any time of the day.


Migrating from a standard Gmail account to Gmail for Business is the decision that every business owner should make. You do not have to change the address, meaning that people can still reach you using the address that is familiar to them

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In addition to the benefits mentioned above, you will also have access to Hangouts Meet, which is Google’s answer to Slack. You also get access to the newly introduced cloud phone system.

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